Who Is Behind The Attack In Ankara

On October 10th, Turkey was faced with a major terrorist attack in Ankara prior to the general elections to be held on November 1st. In the capital city, two bombs exploded consecutively and cost 100 people their lives before a peace rally to be held jointly by some unions, professional associations, foundations and platforms along with the HDP and CHP parliamentary members.

While discussing which terrorist organization might have conducted the attacks, it was revealed that a Tweet message had been written nine hours before the attack stating,“the bomb will explode in Ankara”. More importantly, the Twitter user was identified as a member of the terrorist organization PKK (1).

Another important point was the public statement made by Murat Karayilan, one of the top leaders of the PKK, twelve days before the attack saying, “Our suicide bombers would take action in metropolitan areas”. Actually, Karayilan remarked on the terrorist attack in Ankara beforehand that “If the Turkish Army’s counter-terrorism operations do not end and turns into a massacre in the cities, then our so-called ” Immortals Battalion” (suicide bombers) will take action” (2). Also Mustafa Karasu, a leader of the PKK located in Qandil, told that the intelligence about the Ankara attack came along one week before the attack (3). Despite this information received on the attack, the rally was not canceled, because the PKK thought that the bombing would serve its own benefit.

On June 5th, a similar bombing attack occurred at the HDP’s rally in Diyarbakir and was blamed on ISIS, as usual. However, a PKK terrorist who surrendered himself to the security forces 20 days after the attack claimed that the PKK placed the bomb at the rally in Diyarbakir. The informant said that it was decided to conduct terrorist attacks to influence the election results (4).

In Suruc, in the city of Sanlıurfa, a suicide bomb attack was carried out against a meeting of young people willing to go to Kobani in July. In this attack, the suicide bomber was blown to pieces whereas his ID card remained surprisingly undamaged, and was then found and delivered to the police by alleged PKK members (5). How the ID card remained undamaged and found by the PKK in such a terrorist attack which killed 32 people and burned everything are very important questions to understand who was behind the attack.

In September, another important event occurred in Viransehir.  PKK members attempting to place a bomb in a park were captured by the police before a rally to be held by the HDP (6).

On September 12th, weapons, bombs, and ISIS identification cards were found on a PKK militant’s body and in his house and he was caught in a rally protesting against terror in Bergama. As can be seen, the PKK has conducted a number of terrorist attacks and left much evidence behind. However, it has done everything it could to put the blame on ISIS (7).

As can be seen, bombs are detonated within those periods able to influence the election results, so the cause, effects and results of such terrorist attacks serve the benefit of the PKK. So far, there hasn’t been a single terrorist attack that ISIS did not claim responsibility for, yet disinformation is being spread to the public. However, ISIS announces all of its attacks on its various websites.  ISIS does not scare either the US or Europe. It is the PKK insidiously disguising its terrorist attacks to play innocent and weaken the government. Indeed, evidence obtained from investigations into the terrorist attacks carried out in Turkey points to the PKK.

The history of the PKK is full of civilian massacres and suicide attacks.

In his 39-page written petition to the Diyarbakir Prosecutor with the special power, Ibrahim Guclu, a Kurdish politician and intellectual noted that, “The PKK killed 15,000 civilians in 36 years. In his petition, it was argued that vast numbers of civilians and even PKK members were executed by the PKK from 1970 to 2012 (8).

From the 1990s to the present, the PKK has carried out scores of suicide attacks in Tunceli, Adana, Sivas, Diyarbakir, Van, Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. In these attacks, hundreds of security officials along with large numbers of civilians, lost their lives and thousands of people were wounded.

One of these was the suicide bombing attack of the PKK carried out in Ankara in 2007.


As can be seen, the PKK has carried out thousands of terrorist attacks and killed tens of thousands of people; the number of internal executions alone is 15,000. Adding 100 Kurdish people to this number is merely a statistic for the PKK, a terrorist organization with a Stalinist ideology and dreaming of establishing a Communist Kurdistan.

The PKK is behind the attack in Ankara, as it was in the Suruc and Diyarbakir attacks. Their goal is to divide Turkey by portraying themselves as the victim both domestically and internationally.


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