1,400 years ago our Prophet (SAAS) told the refugee problem that would occur before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (AS)

After me many seditions will occur; one of them is THE SEDITION OF BEING DISTANT FROM ONE’S HOMELAND. During this sedition, breaks and conflicts will come into existence and following them a more intense sedition will occur. People will think this sedition would be over, (but) it will continue. Indeed the smoke that remains from this sedition will enter all houses and shut down all paths to peace and ULTIMATELY MAHDI, WHO IS OF MY LINEAGE, WILL APPEAR...” (Muntakhab al-Asar, p.442)

Each one of the incidents reported in the hadith are taking place before people’s eyes in our day. Syria, being the foremost, conflicts in the Middle East  and Africa, in other words, seditions follow one after another. Once people think that they are over, they begin at some other point of the world. Just as it was related in the hadith, millions of people have felt obliged to leave their countires.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon explained the record increase in the number of people who had to leave their countries as follows:

“More people are displaced by conflict than at any time since 1945. That figure stands at over 51 million refugees.”

Another piece of information provided by the hadiths is that the refugees leaving their countries would face many ordeals on the sea. The hadith reads:


Narrated from Abdullah ibn Amr: He said: “In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), such a time will come upon people THAT A PERSON WILL WANT TO GET ON A BOAT WITH HIS FAMILY AND FLEE BUT THE TROUBLE THEY FACE WITHIN THE WAVES OF THE SEA BECOMES MORE SEVERE THAN THE ONE ON LAND.

(Nuaim ibn Hammad, , Kitab Al Fitan, Hadith. 1294)

Between 1993 and 2014, the number of refugees who lost their lives only on the journey to Europe is 29, 917.

In the year 2011, when the Arab Spring began, the number of people who lost their lives on the Mediterranean sea was 1,500-1,900 while this figure reached 3,500 in the year 2014.

From April 2015 to our day, this figure has reached 1,500.


Some people will reside somewhere called Basra (in Iraq). There will be a river called the Tigris there and a bridge over that river. They will cross over it. The people of that region will camp there and this place will be the cities of the refugees.

(Kutub al-Sittah Chapter 140, 13-403,404 / 4768, Abu Dawud(4306) Tayalisi (2/314) (2767)


Upon ISIS’ capturing many locations in Iraq, the Iraqi Yezidis left their homeland. They went to first Rojava and then moved  the south by using the Pashabur and Sahala Bridges over the Tigris. A great majority of the Yezidi refugees who came to Turkey are being  settled in Batman, Mardin, Siirt, and the cities around the Tigris,  just as  our Prophet (saas) foretold in his hadith.




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