The Aids Continue in Sur, Diyarbakır

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12 December 2015, A9 TV

(The curfew started in Sur, Diyarbakir again. These are in general the poor provinces of the town. Our Kurdish brothers migrate when they can but can only take a couple of items. But the PKK threatens by saying they will take their houses and belongings if people migrate.)

ADNAN OKTAR: But let’s give houses to our citizens. This is an easy thing to do. Let’s build houses with gardens just like in a complex. There is benefit in terminating other constructions and giving an emphasis on this. Otherwise these terrorists will turn this place into ruins.

The state should help our brothers directly. Let’s give them houses and the furniture should be arranged too. We should notify this with a petition. They construct similar building complexes, which consist of thousands of residences. Houses should be provided for our brothers there. Also, food and clothing may be given as aid during the winter. The IHH may focus on this, let us kindly request this effort from them. For winter, clothes and shoes may be collected and dispatched for our brothers there.

14 December 2015, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Let’s help our brothers who left the region financially, let’s provide them with houses. TOKI should provide the houses, and we shall rebuild their homes. The police should tear down the region, which those terrorists left, with bulldozers. That way we can prevent those men from causing any trouble in the region. These terrorists are inflicting severe damage to the public; they are harassing the people. People don’t know what to do. Everybody migrates as no one can stay in his home. These anarchist terrorists try to make life a living hell. The precautions the state should take there must be on various aspects, with bold moves.

We must particularly help our brothers who are in poverty there, the poor ones. What may be provided are clothes for example; thick coats, socks and especially a place to stay, as well as home appliances. Factories may also accommodate our brothers in place of a donation. And houses that TOKI will build for them should be handed over to our brothers for a 100-year period. The ownership of these residences may belong to the state as a precaution to prevent sales. So, our brothers may move into these houses with a permission to live there for a hundred years. Let’s help them with food, with high calorie servings. Large factories, desert factories, sugar factories, oil factories may reserve quotas for our brothers in the Southeast Anatolia. They will receive great rewards from God.



21 December 2015, AA Haber

IHH helped the families inflicted with terrorism in Sur

The families who were forced to immigrate from Sur in Diyarbakır because of the PKK terrorist attacks were helped with clothing, heaters, food and cleaning supplies by IHH, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

22 December 2015, T24

Star: When terror ends, the land of Sur will be in green and people there will move into luxury homes built by TOKI

According to the headlines of Star Newspaper, after terrorism is done away with in Sur, the great part of the land will be turned into green-fields, and citizens in the region will move into luxury apartments built by TOKI.

2016-01-12 16:47:06

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