New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 June 2016)


Hypocrites have a tremendous admiration towards certain races. Surat az-Zukhruf, verses 51 and 54, I seek refuge in God from satan; "Pharaoh called to his people, saying;…" His shouting here is an example of the factious nature of the hypocrites. "…My people, does the kingdom of Egypt not belong to me? Do not all these rivers flow under my control?" How does he exert his influence on them? Through his wealth. "Do not all these rivers flow under my control?" In other words, he says that all the capital is under his control: God points out to the Pharaoh's capitalist character. "Do you not then see?" He says this as an insult. "Am I not better than this man..." Look, do you see the way he addresses the Prophet Moses (as) as 'this man'? In his own twisted mind, the Pharaoh tries to humiliate the Prophet Moses (as) –may God forbid. Such is the snobbery of hypocrites. They speak in a dishonorable tone. "...who is contemptible..." says Pharaoh out of his egocentricity. Thus, the notion of race is very pro  minent in hypocrites. They pay great tribute to race and racial superiority. They do so in their own way, of course. "…and can scarcely make anything clear?" In other words, Pharaoh insinuates that the Prophet Moses (as) cannot even speak properly. "Why have gold bracelets not been put upon his arms and why is there not a train of angels accompanying him?" This is a perfect example of hypocrites' ridiculous explanations. "In that way he belittled his people..." This is another characteristic of the hypocrites. Their allegiance to the deep state is retained through humiliation and belittlement. Hypocrites have considerable respect for the deep state, whereas they are arrogant towards believers. In other words, they are the obedient servants of the deep state. They are in complete submission to the deep state and comply with its every demand. They show unfailing respect, courteousness and reverence to the strength of the deep state. Thus the deep state exercise influence over the hypocrites through humiliation. Look at what the Pharaoh says. "In that way he belittled his people," humiliated his people. "…and they succumbed to him." As you can see, they do not submit themselves to God or hold any respect for Muslims, but they succumb to the deep state like miserable obedient servants. "They were a people of deviators", who defied the commandments of God.

I seek refuge in God from satan: "...Pharaoh sent marshals into the cities: ‘These people are a small group;" He refers to them as 'these people'. After all, he regarded Muslims as a minor and lesser race. "…and we find them irritating." Of course, hypocrites find the believers irritating since the believers are aware of their hypocrisy and treat them accordingly. It is true, but the believers wish them to mend their ways. "…and we constitute a vigilant majority." All hypocrites make that claim. They consider themselves very vigilant. They think themselves as clever and cunning. "We expelled them (Pharaoh and his tribe) from gardens and springs..." In other words, God takes away the blessings he bestowed upon the hypocrites. Although they live in beautiful lands, they still go astray, thus God damns them by taking these blessings away. "...from treasures and a splendid situation." For example, God grants them a lot of property, means and even noble positions. But they do not use these positions to the benefit of Islam; thus, God strips them off their noble positions. "So it was! And We bequeathed them to the tribe of Israel." (Surat ash-Shu'ara', 53-59) God says that He granted all these means to the Muslims. In their own ways, hypocrites try to sway Muslims through verbal manipulation. Another characteristic of the hypocrites is that they always use flattery; we see it in Pharaoh. They praise others to ingratiate themselves. Again, we see its example in the tone Pharaoh uses towards his followers.

Look, this is very astounding. The hypocrites are extremely loyal to and work very hard for the deep states. We see this in the Qur’an. For example, at Pharaoh's behest, they carry huge blocks of stones with all their strength under the scorching sun. But when it comes to serving the prophet, their demeanor completely changes. They treat Muslims with arrogance and hostility, whereas they threat members of the deep state with total submission, respect and obedience. They do so out of their fear of them. What does the Pharaoh say? "I will cut off your hands and feet alternately and have you crucified on palm trunks," he says. But Muslims do not make such threats against them. Therefore, they treat Muslims viciously whereas they treat the irreligious with total obedience. This method of hypocrites is told in great detail in the Qur’an.



I seek refuge in God from satan; in the 101st verse of Surat al-Mu’minun, God says, “Then when the Trumpet is blown, that Day there will be no family ties between them…” For example, hypocrites consider the British Deep State and the British race, the Anglo-Saxon race, to be superior. God says, "Then when the Trumpet is blown, that Day there will be no family ties…" -no racial superiority- "…between them." You cannot exalt the Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings any more. You cannot do so anymore. "...they will not be able to question one another." (Surat al-Mu’minun, 101) says God. Here God points out to the spying activities of hypocrites as they always question and inquire, "What happened to this, what happened there?" God says that they will not be able to even do so.

Hypocrites are very respectful and hardworking when it comes to the deep state. This is rather meaningful. For example, they are not fazed by lack of sleep or working under the scorching sun; they exert themselves for the sake of the deep state. Hypocrites are literally treated like animals among the tribe of Pharaoh. They are stoned, beaten, sworn at, but as they believe the Egyptian race to be superior, hypocrites still try to ingratiate themselves with them. But when it comes to Muslims, they resort to all sorts of schemes and villainy.

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