New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 July 2016)


God clearly indicates in the verse of the Qur’an that wine exists in Heaven. It is not the wine as we know; it is the wine of Heaven. There are also women and sexuality in heaven. Sexuality is a lawful beauty and a blessing. God created the bodies of men and women with a specific system, in a way that they can take pleasure. This is a fact. This is how people reproduce. God created sexuality as a means of reproduction, right? He granted sexuality and pleasure to humanity as a means of reproduction. I do not understand why they deny this. They are horrified by the fact that sexuality exists in Heaven as well. They already despise sexuality in this world but they further loathe the idea that it exists in the Hereafter. All the blessings are bestowed upon Muslims, both in this world and in the Hereafter.

The wine of Heaven has no resemblance to the wine as we know it; in other words it is not an alcoholic drink. It is a pleasant drink the taste of which is unknown and it makes a profound impact on the human soul. The wine on Earth is unlawful because it contains methyl alcohol. It is intoxicating, it has an awful smell, it leads to a foul breath when drunk and it's quite harmful for the body. Virtually a poison, methyl alcohol severely damages the brain and the liver. Thus, Almighty God rendered it unlawful.

Sexuality exists both on earth and in Heaven, and when practiced in a lawful manner, it is a blessing and a beauty. It is nothing to be afraid of. The whole of humanity comes into existence as a result of sexual intercourse. In other words, if it were a sinful deed, sexuality would not have been practiced by humanity since the beginning of the history of the world. In the Qur’an, God mentions it as lawful and a blessing. "He created spouses for you of your own kind so that you might find tranquility in them," says God in the verse of the Qur’an. So, it is a pleasant, soothing thing, right? “Your women are fertile fields for you, so come to your fertile fields however you like," says God in the verse.

Surah Sâd, 50-52: "Gardens of Eden, whose gates will be open to them, where they will recline;" God does not say they will lean, He says "…they will recline…" So their job is done when they come there, they simply  recline… "...calling for plentiful fruit and drink." In other words, they ask to be served wine and they are served.They ask for fruits and they are served fruits. They tell this to the houris and gillmans (female and male servants in Heaven) and they bring them what they want: In other words, they are similar to the waiters and waitresses here on earth. "…and there will be dark-eyed maidens with them with eyes reserved for them alone.”

“Gardens of Eden, whose gates will be open to them, where they will recline;" They recline on couches. "...calling for plentiful fruit and drink." They are served all kinds of fruits and the wine of heaven. "And there will be dark-eyed maidens with them with eyes reserved for them alone." There are lawful maidens that accompany the believers whose affection is only directed at no one but their husbands. This is a miraculous mystery of God. They only find their husbands attractive. They see others merely as beautiful people. God bestowed them with such  virtue.

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