Five Eyes, One Brain... The Spy Alliance is watching you

There are five separate "eyes" that are linked together, which observe your every moment and personal life 24 hours a day.

"Five Eyes" is the name of the joint intelligence network of five countries, which are the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The beginning of the network dates to the UKUSA, an agreement to share intelligence signed between the UK and the U.S. in March 1946. Founded by the U.S. and the UK, UKUSA was transformed into the "Five Eyes" alliance by including the British Commonwealth members Canada, Australia and New Zealand over the following years. Thus, the foundation for a giant intelligence network which monitors the communication traffic in all continents from five different points and shares this information with the allied countries was laid.

This alliance between five Anglosphere countries is based upon the principles of sharing every kind of intelligence (primarily the signals information called SIGNIT) between each other and a vow to never spy on member countries. This 70-year-old alliance monitors, analyzes and stores the world's communications today with its built-in global monitoring substructure.

The primary intelligence services of these five countries constitute the essential parts of this monitoring system: the U.S.'s "NSA," the UK's "GCHQ," Canada's "CSEC," Australia's "ASD" and New Zealand's "GCSB" being the major ones. In addition to this, other numerous subsidiary intelligence services are the most important sources of the "Five Eyes" network.

Among these, for example, there is the RAF (Royal Air Force) of the UK, which is known as the biggest electronic monitoring center in the world.

Here, intelligence is gathered for U.S. and the UK by monitoring the communication networks of the whole world. Even if we consider that only the NSA and the RAF are a part of this system, the strength and the extent of the capacity of "Five Eyes" to gather intelligence can be better understood.

As it is known, the documents revealing the secret relationships between the Five Eyes countries and the global intelligence operations they carried out were exposed by the former CIA and NSA employee Edward Snowden in 2013. These documents, which were featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel and The New York Times, brought the details of the illegal monitoring and intelligence gathering operations of Five Eyes into the light.

Far-reaching Tentacles

According to the documents, among the bodies English intelligence service listened and monitored in liaison with the NSA were diplomats from the G-20 summit, the presidents of countries including Germany, Brazil and Mexico, politicians, U.N. offices, various embassies and media outlets. The bugging and the eavesdropping of Kofi Annan's office during the early stages of the Iraq War can be considered as one of the many activities of English secret service.

There are satellite dishes, listening and monitoring stations belonging to the NSA and English GCHQ in embassies, military bases and agencies all over the world.

These have immediate access to the security cameras of almost all countries. English and American ships along the Chinese coastline are listening to the radio communications in the region.

The satellite dishes stationed in Fort Meade, Maryland, are monitoring banking transactions all over the world. 

According to the news reported by The Guardian, in order to gather global communication information, the UK acquired all kinds of personal private information by secretly gaining access to the intercontinental fiber-optic cables that carry the phone communications, messages and Internet traffic. British intelligence agency GCHQ can gather information from 46 of them simultaneously.

This secret program, code named "Tempora,"had been in operation for 18 months when the news surfaced, and the amount of data (phone records, SMS messages, emails, internet usage, website login information, social media information from websites such as Facebook etc.) gathered only within that time period was of staggering proportions.

For example, approximately 600 million phone conversations were recorded only in one day. The amount of information gathered daily is equivalent to the capacity of information existent in 192 English National Libraries.

'Worse than the US'

Snowden states that this spy network is not the sole work of the U.S., but in fact the main player is the UK, and in order to emphasize the fact that English intelligence service has no limits, he says "THEY (THE UK) ARE WORSE THAN THE USA."

Prism and XKeyscore, which surfaced like Tempora, are also among the high-tech intelligence gathering, analysis and filtering programs that Five Eyes uses. These can connect to computer servers and satellites at the military and diplomatic facilities of many foreign countries. Another Five Eyes product, ECHELON, which is frequently mentioned in espionage techno-thrillers, is the oldest and most basic version of these programs.

We should also state that New Zealand's electronic monitoring agency, GCSB, is also hard at work. It gathers the communication information circulating in the Asia-Pacific region via the NSA's controversial XKeyscore program and delivers it to its bosses in the UK and U.S. in the form of metadata packages. According to the Snowden documents, the information gathered by GCSB has no relation to security threats. On the contrary, GCSB directed its spying activities to a wide range of countries comprised of New Zealand's friends, trading partners and closest Pacific neighbors.

Even if we only consider the information provided in this article, it is obvious that, contrary to popular fallacy, the U.S. is only one of the Five Eyes, while the brain governing all these "eyes" resides in Great Britain, as it has been for centuries. Based on the environment, conditions and the plans, sometimes this brain comes to the forefront, and sometimes it hides in the background.

It's for Your Own Good

The activities of Five Eyes continue on unrestrained, disregarding laws, personal lives and privacy. This dark organization carries out its illegal and illicit operations by hiding behind cliched excuses such as "terror threat" and "security issue," just like it does with its every kind of imperialistic activity.

It is obvious that the real purpose of this organization, as it has always been, is to gain the most powerful political, military and economic dominance over the world and create the most advanced manner of exploitation based on self interests.

These kinds of sinister organizations draw their strength from their secrecy.

For this reason, the best way to fight against organizations like Five Eyes is to expose them and bring them out from the darkness they hide in into the light, to make them transparent. In order to win this fight, the good must be allied together and support each other.

The name Five Eyes, which is used to describe an organization comprised of five countries, requires a brain that rules over these five eyes, evaluates the received information and makes it "seen" and the place to look for this brain is the island of Britain.

Adnan Oktar's piece in The China Post & Daily Mail:

2016-11-06 14:05:06

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