The most refined...

The most refined...

Ramadan in Bahrain is a good time to reflect on what being a Muslim means. Sadly, when the word ‘Muslim’ is mentioned, many in the world picture poor people with dishevelled appearances and backward attitudes. Even though this picture reflects truth in some parts of the Islamic world, it definitely doesn’t reflect the truth about Islam. 

On the contrary, it goes directly against the very essence of Islam. This is because God commands Muslims to be the most elegant, sophisticated, refined, polite and cleanest people of all. In other words, it is a religious obligation for Muslims to be well-groomed, kind, generous, gentle and well-mannered at all times. So how is it that the current situation in the Muslim world is the complete opposite? 

Al Raya as Arabic daily newspaper published in Doha, Qatar. It is semi-official newspaper of Qatar and it is also one of the leading dailies in the country. Harun Yahya’s articles are published at Al Raya.

2017-02-07 13:45:13

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