Racism threatening European values

Racism threatening European values

While new attacks and cease-fires are being discussed in the Middle East, a dirty war in which hospitals and residential areas are being bombed and civilians are mercilessly slaughtered, is raging on unabated. Flood of refugees from Syria is continuing and these people who want to save their lives are facing even more difficulties. The problem of refugees, to whom Europe has closed its doors and for which Turkey is now assuming sole responsibility, has shown the world that is failing the “humanity” test. The United Nations and the European Union may have adopted the policy of pushing their responsibility toward Turkey by saying, “We will not admit them, nor help, nor give you any money, but you must open your doors to them all,” but history will never forget this.

Riyadh Vision published Harun Yahya’s article “Racism threatening European values” on March 01st, 2017. You may read the article at the below links.





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