White Lion Fossil

Greetings. Today, we will introduce you to the fossil of a white lion that lived 82 million years ago. This fossil was discovered at Wulong Mountain, China. White lions acquire their white color as a result of a mutation that occurs in the gene of common lions that is related to their fur color. Their color may vary from yellow to white. Since they are more prone to be hunted in nature due to their interesting fur color, white lions are typically taken under protection and today, they mostly live in zoos rather than their natural habitats. This species is a member of the felidae family and their tooth structure is the same as the lions living today: The only difference is their color. However, evolutionists try to offer the extinction of life forms as some sort of proof to evolution and most of the time, they try to present extinct species as transitional forms; however, species go extinct all the time and this is not an evidence for evolution. The  majority of species in existence today emerged suddenly in the wake of Cambrian explosion and since then, diversity of species has been on the decline. For example, although this species we currently see has been in existence for millions of years, their life span and number have been rapidly decreasing to date and many are about to become extinct. An extra attribute caused by a mutation in the genes of this species does not spell their extinction. The genes of all life forms remain the same from the moment they come into existence until they go extinct, or if they still exist, until today. All the fossils presented by the field of paleontology can be provided as an example to this fact. White lions, whose fossil you currently see here, are still in existence today and they still possess all of the same physical attributes of the common lion. Therefore, the fields of paleontology and genetics refute the theory of evolution.

2017-04-16 20:54:11

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