New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (6 September 2016)


I seek refuge in God from satan, God say in the 48th verse of Surah an-Naml, "Wakana fee almadeenati tisAAatu rahtinyufsidoona fee al-ardi wala yuslihoon" There was a group of nine men in the city," in Medina. What is meant by Medina? Istanbul. Medina refers to Istanbul. A great city, nine groups of men. Not a group of nine men, it is a misconception. There is not only a single group. "There were nine different groups," says God. Nine different groups. "...causing corruption in the land and not putting things right." (Surah an-Naml, 48) They terrorized the land. It is these nine groups that cause mischief in Istanbul. These groups are what the Qur'an refers to.

Surah Qaf, 45, I seek refuge in God from satan, "We know best what they say." When someone talks, be it sensible or nonsensical, it is God who creates that speech. For example we receive thousands of letters, all of which are created by God. "You are not a dictator over them," - you are not a tyrant who oppress and torment them- "So remind, with the Qur'an, whoever fears My Threat." (Surah Qaf, 45) In other words, "Do not dictate them, only remind them," says God. This is verse of the Qur'an is about democracy. "You are not a dictator over them," says God. "You cannot oppress them in any way. You can only remind them with the Qur'an," says God. The verse is quite clear.

For example God says in the 28th verse of Surah Hud, "He said, ‘My people! What do you think?  If I were to have clear evidence from my Lord and He had given me a mercy direct from Him, but you were blind to it, could we force it on you if you were unwilling?'" What is this? This is democracy. Surah Hud, verse 28. He says, "God has given me a mercy and kept it from your eyes, but I cannot force it on you just because you are blind to it." In other words, he says, "I respect your opinion."



There are certain portents of the Mahdi that will take place in the sky and on the earth. Five of them are: sinkholes, fire, destruction, turbulence and earthquake; when the Book of God -the Mahdi- is betrayed, God will destroy some Turkish towns with an earthquake. (Kitab al-Jafr, Imam Ali, p.350) This is told by Hazrat Ali (ra). It means that perhaps Mahdi (as) will be treated unfavorably -May God forbid- and God will retaliate with earthquakes. This is what the hadith points to. Perhaps, there will occur some incidents that will make the British deep state greatly regret their actions; maybe a massive earthquake will hit Britain, I do not know. Our Prophet (saas) might have revealed such a hadith to point out to the fact that an incident might take place, which will put an end to the vicious activities of the British deep state. "...turbulence and earthquake; when the Book of God -the Mahdi- is betrayed, God will destroy some Turkish towns with an earthquake." Where is this written? It is written in Kitab al-Jafr, Imam Ali, page 350. There will surely be martyrs and survivors of this incident who will acquire merit for their deeds, but Kitab al-Jafr is a 1400-year-old book personally written by Hazrat Ali (ra) and preserved by our Shiite brothers.

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