New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (8 September 2016)


Hypocrites are very quiet and sneaky when they enter or exit a place. This is a product, a reflection of their insidious and dark souls. This is rather meaningful, because hypocrites cannot shed this personality trait of theirs. It is one of their defining characteristics. Moreover, hypocrites might show signs of recovery; they enter a period of remission, but only temporarily. Hypocrites are maniacal people. Although they might display episodes of remission, they return to their maniacal selves in no time. Muslims should not be deceived by this; hypocrites rarely fully recover. It progresses as a severe illness; they might pretend to have recovered, but at the first opportunity, their maniacal, psychopathic personality takes precedence. In other words, hypocrisy is a chronic disease as satan never lets go of hypocrites. That is because hypocrites are not really on God's side. So satan takes over them and never let go.

Hypocrites use body language rather than spoken language. Their responses might sound polite and courteous, but their vile, evil expressions highlight their treachery and immorality.  When they are asked "How are you?" they reply with "I am fine, thank you for asking, may God bless you." But their faces reflect their discontented and loathsome souls. Hypocrites exude a foul aura. They protest in silence, make untoward gestures. For example, they give silent treatments where they should talk and talk out of place where they should not. They blatantly commit immoral deeds but in a way that cannot be proven, which they find delightful. For example, when they are questioned about why they are acting immorally, they say, "There is nothing wrong with my behavior, what did I do?" or give other similar answers. They follow a truly evil policy when committing such deeds. They let their treachery and lack of character clearly reflect in their actions like a stain of filth, but they do so comfortably as they think there is no actual evidence against them. This is also what hypocrites do for their personal amusement. Just how music entertains us, such activities entertain hypocrites. Theirs is a hellish entertainment, whereas heavenly is the entertainment of believers. God calls it "hospitality" in the Qur'an. They suffer and live in misery, yet they see it as a form of entertainment.

Hypocrites are foul creatures with vile, abhorrent gestures. Their silence is nasty. They go into a bestial mutism; they cannot talk or respond normally where they should. They display an animal-like dullness; their abnormal expressions give them away. This characteristic is peculiar to hypocrite-kind; it is not seen among believers, but among hypocrites. It is a crucial sign for identifying hypocrites.

Profit/loss is a determining factor in hypocrites' choice to stay among Muslims. Why hypocrites would choose to stay among Muslims surprises some believers. Hypocrites take their self-interest into account when they choose stay somewhere such as how comfortable it is, or how good the food and means are. They compare their interests with those they will have among disbelievers, and if disbelievers do not indulge them, hypocrites do not approach them. They try to continue their lives among Muslims by masquerading as Muslims. When they sense that their disguise is seen through, they step up their charade. But of course, there are some aspects to hypocrites that they cannot control such as the malicious, vile expression they wear on their faces. They become bestial and get in an unexpected, non-responsive state of mind. This unemotional state of hypocrites attracts a great deal of notice. For example, they do not show any reaction when they are the main subject of conversation; when they are asked something, they do not respond, or show a weak reaction unlike normal people. But one cannot notice this with a narrow perspective. Said Nursi discusses this issue separately, saying "Hypocrites have an evil, profound intelligence." He says that, as their minds are in touch with satan, they are incredibly smart, that a normal Muslim cannot cope with them. Therefore, he says, one must have a brilliant mind and wisdom to be able to deal with them.

Performing prayers is what displeases hypocrites the most; it causes them immense distress. When hypocrites are behind closed doors, they usually avoid performing prayers. They normally do not perform ablution either. If they think they draw suspicion, they might feign performing prayer and ablution. But hypocrites typically loathe prayer and ablution, and want to avoid doing so anyway they can. But if they are in public where everyone can see them, of course they perform ablution. But if they are away from the public, they specifically avoid ablution because it gives them an evil satisfaction. If they are behind closed doors, they definitely do not perform prayers. For that reason, Muslims usually sense that they avoid perform prayers and ablution. This is a fairly known characteristic of hypocrites.

Hypocrites leave the moment they cannot further their self-interest. But hypocrites vie for various types of interests, some for food, some for wealth, some to secure their future, some to obtain a comfortable life, some to find a spouse and marry. But when they become certain that they cannot achieve these goals, then Islam and Qur'an loses their meanings for them. And since they are already filled with anger against God, they immediately desert Muslims.

Hypocrites feel immense distress at the recital of Qur'an. Hypocrites already despise reciting the Qur'an. But they are irritated when the Qur'an is recited in their presence. Reciting the signs of hypocrisy immensely pains and annoys hypocrites. They believe that the signs are directed at their person, but at the same time, they believe they are not personally addressed. This is quite meaningful. They believe the signs are directed at them, yet they also believe that they are not addressed; therefore, it does not affect them. They might resort to feigning recovery from their hypocritical ways. This existed in the Companions era as well. It exists in every era.

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