New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 October 2016)


Only the Iraqi army and police forces enter the area abandoned by ISIS. It is just as our Prophet (saas) told in the hadith, soldiers from 80 countries, 80 nations has entered the area. Let me put it this way; for example, the French army marches in there, but it includes a hundred Moroccans, a hundred Algerians, a hundred Egyptians etc. Therefore, more than 80 nations are in the region. Besides, our Prophet (saas) says '80 nations' to emphasize on the multitude of the nations. Soldiers of more than 80 nations have now entered Dabiq. Just as our Prophet (saas) heralded in the hadith, "In the End Times, in the era of Hazrat Mahdi (as), soldiers carrying 70 banners" according to a narration, and "80 banners" according to another, in other words, soldiers of 80 nations," will march into Dabiq", says our Prophet (saas). And they did just as our Prophet (saas) had heralded. Now, a massive skirmish is expected to break out in there. But the hadith has come true. Because, our Prophet (saas) specifically states, 80 nations, "foreign soldiers carrying 70 or 80 banners," as mentioned in the hadiths. These soldiers are given many names such as "Banu al-Asfar" or "Ahl al-Salib". The hadith is quite meaningful with regards to its timing. It is completely accurate in terms of both location and manner. And now, our Prophet (saas) says that an all-out war will erupt in the region. But all-out war continues to rage on. Some of the people are martyred on the sea, some in bombardments and some under tank and cannon fire. The war continues unabated. Muslims, women and children alike, are being martyred all across the world. Just as our Prophet (saas) said it would.

The Messenger of God (saas) says in the hadith: "In the End Times, innocent people in Iraq will seek shelter toward Damascus." Look, he makes mention of both Iraq and Damascus. "Iraq will be rebuilt, Damascus will be rebuilt." In other words, our Prophet (saas) says that they will be destroyed and subsequently restored. Kanz al-Ummal, Qitab al-Qiyamah, Qism al-Afal, volume 5, page 254, by Al-Muttaqi.

"In Damascus, as people try to eliminate the scourges in one place, they will spring up in another." (Risalat al-Huruf al-Mahdi, page 63) When they seem to calm down in one place, they break out in another. They say, "We have signed a peace treaty, a ceasefire." You know about it, don't you? Look at what our Prophet (saas) says, "In Damascus, as people try to eliminate the scourges in one place, they will spring up in another." They break out in another place. "And they will break the ceasefire", the People of the Book will. In other words, foreign countries, "the Romans" meaning foreigners. Or namely "Ahl al-Salib". In hadiths, they are mentioned under various names. Other non-Muslims forces fighting against Muslims. "And then they will break the ceasefire." Notice that the Prophet (saas) talks about an initial ceasefire. They did declared ceasefire, did they not? And the hadith says, "They will break the ceasefire," and they did. "And then they will come to you carrying 80 banners." In other words, soldiers of 80 different nations will come to Dabiq. And under each banner will be 12 people. This hadith is narrated from Avf Ibn Malik (ra) in Bukhara.

Dabiq is only one of the places mentioned in the hadiths, but not the only one. Hadith makes it clear that this will the state of the region in general, not only a single region.

In the Iraqi War, the occupying forces will be multinational. This is stated in the Torah as well. In parallel with the hadith of our Prophet, the Book of Isaiah, 13/4 talks about the events that will occur in the End Times: "Listen, a noise on the mountains, like that of a great multitude! Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms, like nations massing together! (Isaiah, 13/4)

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