Dr. Fazale Rana's Comments on the Idea of Theistic Evolution

- For me I´m very uncomfortable with the idea of theistic evolution, because it says God, Who is an agent with purpose, is creating in a way which there is no purpose. To me that idea is inherently contradictory. But also as a Christian if you embrace theistic evolution, it does enormous amount of damage to key ideas that the Old and the New Testament teach, for example human beings being special, being created to be in a special relationship with the Creator. You can't have human beings evolving and have that type of special relationship. So the idea to me is a contradictory idea and there are scientific issues as well. I mean, if you embrace theistic evolution you still have the same scientific challenges you would have if you embraced an atheistic form of evolution. So it doesn't solve any problems, it just allows you I think to be quote, unquote "more respectable" with the scientific community. But I don't think our goal should be respectability, our goal should be to discover what is true and pursue truth.


2017-08-07 22:51:02

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