Dr. Carlo Alberto Cossano: A series of coincidences can not form a perfect genetic code?

Wherever we see a source of information, we think that there is a planner behind it. For example, a paragraph in a book has specific content and is meaningful. Could computer codes randomly come together and operate a program or a computer system? Similarly, we know that the DNA codes bear all the information about a living being. How could a series of coincidences form a perfect genetic code?

In fact, that is not possible. Random coincidences cannot generate information. This is what science has established. For example, there are some scientific disciplines designed to avoid plagiarism, that is unauthorized copying of copyright in the field of music or other sources of information, that base their in-depth analysis on the fact that a series of information cannot appear randomly or by coincidence, and that there must be a purpose and therefore a goal, and a will to express some kind of informative content. We all know that all the computers have an operating system that must be installed and updated with specific updates; because otherwise, they cannot organize the information. These updates are not random; they are made in a very specific way and operate by intervening on the software. Therefore we cannot expect to see any random improving modifications on an operating system. On the contrary, the tendency is towards a loss of information because entropy is common to all existing systems.

Often, evolutionists respond to this objection by saying that, contrary to the aforementioned processes, cells actually reproduce. This represents a very big problem: this reproduction process in fact, must have been present from the beginning; therefore the loss of information does occur in this case, but the information content cannot be randomly compared. Science argues that information does not originate by chance, but it requires a purposeful action that uses intelligence to create information. The DNA is a molecule that carries, contains and organizes information and cannot have been originated by chance.



2017-08-13 22:50:54

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