Dr. Fabrizio Fratus: If Darwin knew about the DNA, could he make so many conflicting claims and simple suppositions?

Darwin was not aware of the DNA and genetics. It is made evident today that there is perfect information storage capacity in the DNA and no place for any errors. If Darwin knew about the DNA, could he make so many conflicting claims and simple suppositions?

Darwin’in DNA’dan ve genetik biliminden haberi yoktu. Günümüzde DNA’da mükemmel bir bilgi depolama kapasitesi olduğu ve hataya yer olmadığı açıkça anlaşıldı. Darwin DNA’yı bilseydi bu kadar çelişkili iddialarda ve basit varsayımlarda bulunabilir miydi?

It is absurd to think that at the time when Darwin made his hypothesis and observations, he had the knowledge of the DNA and its complexity, especially because the Darwinian theory starts simply from the hypothesis that the first cell, that is the first existence, the first life form that existed on earth, was extremely simple. On the contrary, today we know that the truth is exactly the opposite. The first life form on earth was not simple; it was very complex. For this reason, Darwin was wrong at the very origin of his work, and if the beginning of his work was wrong, clearly everything that derived from it cannot be anything but wrong. So, in light of today’s knowledge and the knowledge that has developed over the last 160 years, we can say that Darwin's theory has totally failed since the very beginning - and therefore it must be completely rejected.


2017-08-13 23:04:52

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