Dr. Carlo Alberto Cossano: How did evolution theory become this “untouchable” theory which anyone cannot speak against and everyone must obey?

We are living in an era where democracy and freedom of speech are among the most important values. However, it requires courage to speak out against evolution theory in almost every country, including Islamic countries. You cannot be a professor at a university unless you go with the evolution theory. How did the world come to that? How did evolution theory become this “untouchable” theory which anyone cannot speak against and everyone must obey?

Unfortunately this is one of the problems that occur when we talk about evolution. Sadly, especially if someone works in the field of scientific research or he is working for institutions, he is obligated to be on the side of negation and commitment to methodological naturalism and therefore deny in all forms the possibility of a project behind living things namely the existence of a higher intelligence, otherwise, unfortunately he can encounter great difficulties. For example, in the United States there are cases of people who have been ridiculed or who have lost their jobs, who have been banished or who have to put aside their roles in the scientific field which are sometimes very important, simply because they expressed a point of view related to intelligent design, they didn’t exclude the existence of an intelligent design, or thought that some characteristics of living beings can be better explained through the action of an intelligent agent. Unfortunately, this is a big problem. Once a Chinese scholar told an American scholar: in America you can criticize the government but not the evolution, while here in China we can criticize evolution but not the government. Unfortunately, in some countries such as the United States, Italy and other European countries, this can really become a real problem.


2017-08-13 23:51:23

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