Mr. Oktar Babuna’s live connection to Press TV of Iran 16 Agu 2017

Kaveh Taghvai: Oktar Babuna is a political commentator who joins us to perhaps explain the significance of this visit. So it is the first time that you have the chief of staff of the armed forces of Iran visiting Turkey. What is your reading into it?

Oktar Babuna: Well first my salam and Mr. Adnan Oktar’s salam and greetings to great and noble Iranian nation which has been our brother country for centuries long and it is very important country for the alliance of Turkey. We love our Shia brothers, we love Iranians.

So, this is the first as you stated, Chief of Staff of the Iranian armed forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri made a visit to Turkey. We are honored to have him and it is very crucial to have him during these times. Because in Syria, a lot of things are happening in Syria, in Iraq, in neighboring countries of Turkey and Iran. So our alliance, military and from all the aspects, is extremely crucial to bring peace into the Middle East. Especially in Syria right now, you know what is happening in Syria. There is ISIS and other things are happening. And with alliance of Iran, Turkey and also including Russia and other Muslim countries, peace can be brought to Syria. As you know the things are happening in Syria. There is a background of this happening. And there are explanations and statements from the great scholar, Islamic scholar Khamenei, Ayatollah Khamenei and Iranian administration that there is a British deep state behind this artificial conflict between the Shia and the Sunnah. We shouldn’t fall into this trap. We love our Shia brothers, Shias are perfect Muslims. So as Sunnas, we believe in the same Allah, we believe in the same Qur’an and we love the same Companions of the Prophet Mohammad(saas). So we cannot have any conflict. We shouldn’t fall into this trap because of the British deep state. Our enemy is the British deep state not the British state or the British people but the British deep state which is trying to generate a conflict between the Sunna and the Shia. And with our alliance, with the Iranian nation and the Turkish nation, there will be a very powerful military alliance in the Middle East, so we can bring peace. It is very easy after that.

Kaveh Taghvai: There are reports that indicate one of the reasons for this visit is the fact that Turkey is – I don’t want to say is having a falling out but is -distancing itself from the US and at the same time because of the friction that exists between Turkey and NATO. Is that part of the reason why Iran is paying a visit to Turkey in terms of the mediate application which would be may be cooperation in the wild Syria.

Oktar Babuna: Well, we had a pact actually with Iran and Pakistan in the past called Cento. Iran is our centuries long brother country. So we have always been brothers with the Iranians, so it is not something new. Iran is our natural ally. But the thing is, as you know one year ago, we had a military coup attempt in Turkey. But I want to give you a very good evidence; in Cyprus, Southern Cyprus British commanders, more than 10 thousand, probably 20 thousand that was in the British media were there at the coup night and also British war ships and military British jets were ready to conquer Turkey. You know this is major issue for Turkish President, major issue for the Turkish administration and Turkish nation, the great threat. The British deep state through Sykes and Picot agreement drew the lines between Muslim countries and divided the Muslim countries and tried to generate the Shia-Sunnah conflict. So our enemy, Turkish enemy is the British deep state which controls also the United States and many European countries. And we are being far away from the British deep state and of course our alliance with Iran and Russia to bring peace is extremely crucial these days. As you know, also Russian administration also made statements against the British deep state. So our brother country Iran, Turkey and Russia with a very powerful military alliance can bring peace and stop what’s happening in Syria. We don’t want Syria to be divided, we want Syria’s unity, we want Iraq’s unity, we want, of course, Iran’s unity, Russia’s unity and the Middle Eastern countries’ unity. But our alliance is very very much needed and during these times, Chief of Staff’s visit to Turkey is extremely crucial and we are honored. We also want to invite President Rouhani and the great Islamic scholar Khamenei to Turkey also. 

Kaveh Taghvai: Yeah, we refer to him as Iran’s leader. Thank you for that Oktar Babuna, political commentator, talking to us there. Thanks.

2017-08-21 23:08:49

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