How Does Adnan Oktar Write so Many Books?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 14th, 2017

VTR: I have always wondered; how did you manage to write so many books?

ADNAN OKTAR: It astonishes me as well. I have over 20 more books I am working on as of now. 22 books to be exact. I have the book list with me. I can tell you about it step by step. Every topic I discuss here is made into a chapter for the related book. When I talk about a topic here, my assistant friends take the relevant sections and adapt them into book chapters. They attain the documents pertaining to the subject and present them to me. If I find the documents to be appropriate, then I include them in my book. More precisely, I ask my friends to have them included. Lastly, the book is sent to the editor for final review. To sum, it is a lengthy process. These 22 books will take 2 years at the very least to publish. I am still working on them. But in one or one and a half year, most of my books will have been published. Every speech I make is put into book. Every question I am asked finds its way into my books in the respective chapter.


2017-08-28 21:04:29

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