Dr. Fabrizio Fratus: Scientific Creationism and New Scientific Discoveries about the Origin of Life and Man

Dr. Fratus, your Phd thesis was on “Scientific creationism and new scientific discoveries about the origin of life and man.” Can you tell us a bit about your thesis?

Yes, the thesis I presented at my university in the early 2000s was related to the latest discoveries. The interesting thing is that the professors who were present at my discussion were all atheists except the supervisor, Professor Aguti who was also professor of philosophy, and was Catholic; they were all in difficulty because the 90% of evolutionist professors and scholars did not know any kind of creationist or anti evolutionist thesis. As for my thesis, it contained some citations that include that of the geneticist Diavat Luton, who openly declared that evolutionists have no problem supporting fantasies that have never been proven because they have the priority duty of supporting the materialist vision. So, my thesis confuted all those hypotheses in which evolutionist scientists believe, and pointed out the fact that probably it is much easier and more honest to be creationist instead of being evolutionist. Let me clarify this. What I think is that the evolutionists promote lies and falsehood because they base their thought on the premise that they are not an act of faith. The creationists instead state openly that science shows some facts but that, in the end, we must have faith. Therefore, what’s more likely is that a creationist will be more honest than those who instead start from lies to tell fairy tales.

2017-08-29 23:40:13

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