Dr. Fabrizio Fratus Talks about Anti- Darwinist Works in Italy and His Organization, the Anti-evolutionist Committee

Can you tell us about the anti Darwinist works in Italy and your organization Anti-Evolutionist Committee?

The anti-evolutionist committee was born to take a specific battle on the textbooks in Italian schools. Specifically,  in the textbooks falsehoods are reported to promote the Darwinian idea in the textbooks, and this falseness serves to manipulate the conscience of students. An example of this falsehood is the fossil Lucy that is described as the missing link between apes and men, but after 1989 everyone learned that that Lucy is just an ape. Another falsehood is that of Miller’s experiment in which the flask should represent the origin of life from the famous primordial soup. Before dying Miller said that this type of experiment produced death and not life. The last case I want to talk about, even though there are many others in the textbooks, is that of the recapitulation theory that is considered one of the biggest frauds in the history of science. What is this recapitulation that is told in the books? The recapitulation is the fantasy belief according to which human embryo retraces all the specific embryos before becoming a human embryo, thus passing through the evolutionist “route”. This has allowed the introduction of the ​​abortion. We should ask ourselves: why is abortion possible within the third month? Because in the third month the embryo becomes automatically human. These three examples about which the textbooks speak, promote Darwin's theory and are the cause of the creation of the anti-evolutionary committee in 2002. The anti-evolutionary committee operates through television and radio shows, public meetings and above all, the preparation of students. I am happy to say that many students who study biology and other science-related subjects like physics and chemistry today are ready to debate and present the anti-evolutionist theses to the whole Italian and European world. Therefore, the anti-evolutionary committee is important because, in addition to giving a chance to fight Darwin's theory, it has also succeeded in bringing together different schools of scientists who usually find it difficult to present their thesis in Italy. It also collaborated with groups of different backgrounds including also the group of Harun Yahya with whom we have cooperated in some projects in Italy, and today we are very glad about it.


2017-08-29 23:49:28

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