Luca Steinmann Talks about His Opinions on Turkey’s Role in the Middle East

Presenter: What do you think of Turkey’s role in the Middle East? Do you think it can play a major role in attaining peace in the region?


Luca Steinmann: Well, it has to because Turkey has always been an important role and an important point of contacts between the West and the Middle East, between the West and the Muslim world. Turkey – we have to remember it- is one of the first Middle Eastern states that became a part of the NATO.  So it is a very important joining point through these worlds.  And now in this particular historical moment it is very important to establish a dialogue between these two worlds. So I think Turkey- not only Turkey but other Mediterranean states like Italy where I am from, has a very prominent and important role in the comprehension between the two sides of the Mediterranean sea.

2017-09-04 15:18:54

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