Luca Steinmann’s Response to the Question: “are Young People in Italy Aware of the Situation in Syria?”

Presenter: Are young people in Italy aware of the situation going on in Syria? What are their thoughts of the conflict and what do they think the real solution could be?


Luca Steinmann: Well there has been a lot of misunderstanding in Italy about the Syrian situation. Because it is a complicated conflict so it's not immediate to understand what's happening there. I would say in the beginning there was a big chaos about the Syrian story, now thanks God we have to say that we have also very good journalists in Italy writing for also important medias that went on the ground and reported what's happening. So, enabling people at least who have their mind which can be different but we start having really young people being cultivating and knowing what's happening in Syria even if standing different, if supporting different fronts.


2017-09-04 15:49:44

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