Mr. Jeff Gardner: Science and Religion Are Compatible

What would I say about the mainstream claiming that religion and science are not compatible? I'd say that's absolutely absurd. I was raised as a young man, I was raised within the Mormon faith but for most of my young and old life I was an atheist. And I was an atheist precisely because of this idea that science and religion were not compatible. And it wasn’t until I took a step back from my own prejudices and looked at the facts within the operation of the universe and the world, and that is the unquestionable, unshakeable relationship between created and Creator. And when I honestly and intellectually acknowledged that reality, I could not escape. Religion's explanation of a single, mono Creator, the one absolutely went hand in hand with the other. In fact, you know what, this is a great tragedy in the West right now. Because it once was that the giants, the great thinkers, the great men who brought advancements in science, whether it was Mendel, or Newton or others, they were also very religious men. They were very devout and deeply religious men. And they didn't see it that way, they didn't see that there had to be this great chasm, this great separation, this incompatibility between religion and science. That’s something that I believe that the modern, aggressive atheistic movement has put forward. And it is just false, it is just a false dichotomy.

2017-09-04 22:07:17

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