Dr. Carlo Cossano: Bacteria fossil is sufficient to witness that there is no gradual evolution

Evolutionists consider bacteria to be so called simple organisms, but we know cyanobacteria living in our world 3.9 billion years ago were making photosynthesis and carrying out nitrogen fixation. Fossils of these bacteria show that have not changed in millions of years. Isn’t this clear evidence that there has been no gradual evolution?

Certainly. For Darwin, gradualism had to be observable. It is impossible to observe such gradualism, unless you twist an interpretation of what is found. There are many organisms that show this fact and bacteria are among them. We can notice a stasis (we know that, sometimes, evolutionists coin a term and try to give explanations) and homogeneity that in truth show that there is no evolution. There are no examples of evolution in fossils; some are distorted, misinterpreted or misrepresented, but it is clear that it is not like that. It is sufficient to see what fossil evidence demonstrates : that the species are virtually identical.

2017-09-07 22:26:04

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