New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 October 2016)


We always talk about how hypocrites are a threat against adults, but they pose a major threat to children, as well. Hypocrites are dangerous for orphaned little children as they are utterly defenseless. Adults or communities are capable of defending themselves against hypocrites, whereas children are not. Therefore, God says that the conflicts within hypocrites themselves are quite violent. They fight like cats and dogs among themselves out of their vicious and vile dispositions. We should lay particular emphasis on protecting children against hypocrites. Let's imagine a male hypocrite and a weak-willed woman who has a couple of children; he tells the woman, "Divorce your husband and I will marry you. I will take care of your children." What this woman does is a risky move. The woman believes in him and divorces her husband. This, in fact, is a characteristic; to subvert people's established systems and disturb their peace and wellbeing. He persuades the woman to divorce her husband, saying, "I will take care of your children." Then, that person turns into a terrible menace, a terrible disaster to those children. He beats the children, swears at them, and -God forbid- tries to violate them; he commits all sorts of vile deeds. Likewise, female hypocrites are incredibly dangerous as well. For example, a female hypocrite tells a weak-willed married man with children to divorce his wife and marry her instead. She reassures him that she will take care of his children. That hypocrite woman spells doom for those children in every sense of the word. She is a great menace capable of many despicable deeds, capable of ruining those children's lives both spiritually and physically. And children are vulnerable against hypocrites. It is children that are at greatest risk. Therefore, protecting children is the paramount concern in the case of a hypocrite attack. One must be extremely cautious when dealing with them. Because, a hypocrite man tells the woman -with a hypocritical disposition- "You are a terrific woman, you are like Cleopatra," -in his own way comparing her to some people- "but you are wasting your potential. You are very clever, a genius; stop wasting your potential, come join me." If you pay attention to the correspondence between hypocrites, they are riddled with lonely woman waiting at the door in a sense of urgency, covered in blood. I am sure you have noticed this entrapping tone, mentality in myriad places many times. And if the woman has a hypocritical tendency, then she might end up entrapped out of her egocentricity. Because, he flatters her saying, "You are the finest, the smartest." Even large sums of money cannot produce the same result. Because he gets his hooks in her, grapples her evil hook and lifts her up. Egocentricity is the most vulnerable point of a hypocritical woman, hearing that she is the greatest. Being called "the greatest" infatuates them. This is also true for hypocritical men, that when they are told, "You are the greatest, your grandeur is unparalleled," they too lose their minds. It is quite cheap to enthrall hypocrites; there is no need to pay them any money. For that reason, hypocrites are like pigs that are sold off cheap. They are easy to satisfy and can be used in all sorts of vile deeds. For example, male and female hypocrites have always cost little to employ on the British deep state's part. None has become rich; all have lived in misery. The British deep state has always ensured their loyalty by feeding their egos. To give an example of the methods the deep state uses; they introduce hypocrites to the head of a state, which excites them immensely and leads them to think, "I must be a very important person". However, for the sake of argument, let's assume that the head of the state is a homosexual. A homosexual, murderous creature exalts you, so what? What if he is an important person? How can you fall for such flattery, regardless of how much he praises or exalts you? Of course, I do not imply that homosexuals should suffer beatings, ill-treatment or persecution. I do not wish any of it upon them, but their constitution as described in the Qur'an must be told as it is to the people. For example God calls homosexuality "an obscenity" in the Qur'an and this should be related as it is. This is not an insult, but rather a description of the foul deed. Because this is how God describes it in the Qur'an. This is not an insult, but describing an existing circumstance. God does not ask believers to beat, persecute or kill homosexuals either. To do so is utterly unacceptable, and we will not tolerate anyone who does so.

The 1st and 3rd verses of Surah al-Ma'un -I seek refuge in God from satan- "Have you seen him who denies the religion?" A characteristic of hypocrites. "He is the one who harshly rebuffs the orphan," notice how hypocrites inflict torment on orphans, on children. "…harshly rebuffs..." In other words, hypocrites might beat, curse or even kill them. They might violate them, sexually abuse them; they might commit all sorts of immoral deeds. "And does not urge the feeding of the poor." Since hypocrites are quite fond of wealth and property, they do not want to share their possessions with anyone. If they have to do so, it physically hurts hypocrites. In fact, everything hurts hypocrites. Reading the Qur'an, listening to the signs of hypocrisy or having to share their possessions all hurts them physically. Failing to fulfill something that they covet hurts them. Hypocrites have an infinite, insane ambition. Not all but most of the homosexuals have insane souls and a tendency towards committing suicide or homicide. This is a well-known fact covered by all psychiatry textbooks. They have an aggressive and unpredictable temper. Not all, but the majority of them are that way. With these personality attributes, satan portrays us the exact homosexual culture and mentality. Because, satan is the original homosexual. Homosexuals come in both genders, male and female. Female homosexuals are particularly supportive of male homosexuals. If you have taken notice, they always strike intimate friendships with them. Homosexual women constantly look for and seek out homosexuals. On the internet, one can see how close they are with homosexuals and how they support them. They are homosexuals' greatest friends and fans. And the homosexual males return the favor by supporting them. Feminizing men and masculinizing women is a method of satan. Looking at the British deep state, one can see that they feminize men and masculinize women. All female members of the British deep state have masculine looks, so have the aspirants or the sympathizers of the British deep state, or those who admire the homosexual culture; they all have masculine appearances. When we look at the woman who advocates Darwinism, the homosexual or the Rumi culture, we see that they all have been masculinized.

For this reason, we will cover all aspects of the hypocrite issue, in a way that is aimed at the state, the public or children; we will cover the issue in every possible way. Hypocrites are the single most dangerous threat in the world. Atheists are harmless, the irreligious are harmless. They openly and readily admit to their disbelief, they do not feel the need to conceal themselves; they even write books about it. On the contrary, hypocrites are quite treacherous and perfidious, a thoroughly dangerous entity. And they desire to live among Muslims; they are, in a way, like the tuberculosis microbe that plagues the bodies of Muslims, and they must certainly be cured with antibiotics. Look, it is meaningful that hypocrites cannot live anywhere else. One would think that, since they are disbelievers, they should be able to live among disbelievers, right? But astonishingly, they prefer to live among Muslims and never leave them. However, in the absence of hypocrites, Muslims cannot thrive. They cannot make effort for religion, nor can they truly reach enlightenment or earn merit. For example in the era of the Messenger of God (saas), if it were not for the hypocrites, believers would earn too little merit for their deeds. Hazrat Ali (ra) was able to attain the positions of guardianship and martyrdom on the occasion of hypocrites. Without the existence of hypocrites, believers cannot attain profundity as their absence leads to apathy.

Almighty God says in the 56th verse of Surah al-Ghafr: "Certainly those who argue about the Signs of God," hypocrites always turn to verses of the Qur'an in their struggle against the Qur'an, "without any authority having come to them," in other words, they did not receive any sign or authority from God and are only making things up. Hypocrites always resort to verses of the Qur'an in their struggle against the Qur'an. I have mentioned this before. "…have nothing in their breasts," in hypocrites' breasts, "except for pride which they will never be able to vindicate." In other words, hypocrites seek Godhead. They have delusions of grandeur. "Therefore seek refuge with God. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing." It is wrong to take personal credit in prevailing against hypocrites. God prevails against hypocrites and believers are His means to do so. One should refrain from saying 'I vanquished them with my wisdom.' Because it is God who created hypocrites as well as your mind. It is also God who hands hypocrites over to you. It is God who grants the means and the wisdom with which the hypocrites are defeated.

Hypocrites have the gift of the gab. Hypocrites are indeed treacherous. They have a way of using words to deceive people. They are extremely deceitful. They are classic tricksters of words. They constantly play with words. Look, in the 41st verse of Surah al-Ma'ida, Almighty God says: "...those who listen to lies," those who keep an open ear for and fabricate lies, "listening to other people who have not come to you..." In other words, -and I am speaking for our century- the traitors who provide intelligence to the British deep state. Look, "...other people who have not come to you..." by other means, God refers to the deep state, the enemy of Muslims, and those who work as its spies; look, God explicitly talks in the Qur'an about how hypocrites act as spies. The 41st verse of Surah al-Ma'ida talks about their spying activities. "...those who listen to lies, listening to other people who have not come to you..." This is the verse of the Qur'an that talks about informants and spies. It is aimed at the spies and informants of our century as well as all other centuries. "...distorting words from their proper meanings," in other words, hypocrites interpret them in completely different ways. "...saying, ‘If you are given this, then take it. If you are not given it, then beware!’" They even employ tactics. For example, they share their hypocritical tactics about what to do in certain situations. They devise schemes. "If God desires misguidance for someone, you cannot help him against God in any way. Those are the people whose hearts God does not want to purify." In other words, no one can save a hypocrite who has already fully succumbed to hypocrisy. "They will have disgrace in this world..." Hypocrites indeed are constantly disgraced, humiliated as they are exposed for the liars, deceivers, spies, villains, fools that they are. God says, "They will have disgrace in this world and in the hereafter they will have a terrible punishment," at the deepest levels of hell with their vicious souls.

"But when they leave your presence, a group of them spend the night plotting to do other than what you say. God is recording their nocturnal plotting." [Surah an-Nisa', 81]

Yes. It is in hypocrites' nature to plot where they are away from the public, in the dark, when they are all alone. Of course, the current level of technology offers immense means for hypocrites. It is for this reason that the fiercest hypocrites spawn in this century. Because the technological means utilized by hypocrites and Muslims are at their highest level yet. Hypocrites can easily carry out their hypocritical activities over the internet and telephones compared to the past.

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