New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (31 October 2016)


In the end times, hypocrites are enjoying an immense advantage. The telephone and Internet. Internet is the most significant weapon of the Mahdi movement. It is the beast of the earth to Mahdi. However, it is a significant weapon for the hypocrites as well. This is the method hypocrites' employ; they create a real social media account. Over that account, they act like nationalists, Muslims who uphold sacred religious values and oppose alcohol, homosexuality, the Rumi philosophy, the British deep state etc. But on their fake accounts, we witness racist, anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim, dishonorable, snobbish, devious, foul-mouthed pretentious characters that advocates homosexuality, the British deep state, Darwinism and tries to make up for their inferiority complex by delusions of grandeur. But on their real accounts, we see completely different, unrecognizable people. This is a huge weapon for hypocrites. On their real accounts, they don fake identities. On their fake accounts, they show their true faces. Hypocrites don fake personalities on their real accounts and show their real faces on their fake accounts. And they establish over their fake accounts an immense network of dishonorable people just like themselves. We see that they flatter or try to ingratiate themselves with all sorts of fraudsters or homosexuals or the admirers of the British deep state. Do you see what qualities the weapon takes on when used by hypocrites? Their fake accounts are actually their real ones while their real accounts are actually their fake ones. Also, they have myriads of fake accounts. Forty, fifty, sixty, a hundred of them. What is more that these simpletons back up their accounts with their fake ones, leaving comments such as "You are great, you are magnificent, your magnificence is unmatched." All sorts of compliments you can think of. For example, hypocrites present themselves as classy, distinguished people over their real accounts. But on their fake accounts, the number of which can reach hundreds of thousands, they unleash their dishonorable, insolent, vile and ignoble personalities. Their real accounts display honest, proper people whereas their fake accounts reveal a truly treacherous, double-faced, perfidious and foul character. One can find all sorts of villainy and malice on those accounts. For that reason, we see once more that the Internet is the greatest weapon of hypocrites as well. We see that, while they seemingly support, watch over and love Muslims on their real accounts, they reveal themselves to be foul-mouthed Muslim haters on their fake accounts. We see that they venomously attack Muslims. For the sake of argument let's say that they appear to be nationalists who support the Nationalist Movement Party [a Turkish political party] or its nationalist youth movement. Yet, on their fake accounts, we see them turn into these treacherous lot who are irreligious, anti-nationalist and anti-patriotic. Therefore, keeping in mind hypocrites' effective and extensive use of the Internet, one should develop their outlook on the Internet accordingly. Because currently, the Internet is causing the greatest damage, and through such a method are hypocrites able to find a ground. For example when hypocrites masquerade as Muslims, they identify all other Muslims in no time as Muslims are very friendly and immediately strike friendships with them. The entire Muslim community keeps in touch with and is supportive of them. Thus, the hypocrites are able to examine Muslims social media accounts and learn about their private lives and personality traits. They take advantage of the information in various ways including spying activities, treacherous deeds, in identifying Muslims' weak points if any and utilize it in attacking them, and in their effort to sap the morale and upset the balance of Muslim communities. In short, the Internet grants them vast opportunities. For that reason, Muslims have to be extra careful against such schemes of hypocrites. They should particularly pursue a rational policy to expose hypocrites' fake accounts that are connected with their real ones. Since hypocrites are witless, they do not deem it likely that their fake accounts might be traced back to their real ones. So they ceaselessly praise themselves over the fake accounts of their own. Do these fools never realize how obvious it gets when those fake accounts praise no one but them? When all these accounts do is to flatter homosexuals here and there and exclusively praise them, then it is clearly their doing. Isn't it? If the tone these fake accounts use suits hypocrites' convenience, if they say what hypocrites exactly want them to say and are of the same mentality, if they act the way hypocrites want them to act, and if they praise the way hypocrites desire to be praised - because those who praise them do so the way hypocrites want them to... These accounts reflect a personality that exactly suits hypocrites' desires; for example, if hypocrites need them to be homosexual, they masquerade as homosexuals, if they need them to be Darwinists, they masquerade as such. If they need them to act like sycophants of the British deep state, then they act so. If these accounts become whatever hypocrites need them to be, then it is quite obvious that they themselves orchestrate these accounts. Hypocrites are so dimwitted that this fact goes over their heads. Such people are in abundance on the Internet in Pakistan, India, Egypt etc. If they have a thousand real accounts, their fake accounts are as numerous as millions. Thus, they come across as a tremendous force, whereas they are just a small group. Hypocrites constitute a small community, but on the Internet, they turn into a force to be reckoned with. Every one of them has a couple hundred fake account and they believe that, in this way, they can achieve their ends.

For instance, they say 'I am against wine as it is unlawful', but over their fake accounts, they rave about wine. This is a mentality reminiscence of the Rumi philosophy. And since hypocrites believe they go unnoticed, they are filled with a sense of bliss peculiar to hypocrites. Because they think they manage to act covertly. They are like a lab monkey with its head hidden but its tail showing, but they are not even aware of it. Hypocrites are like bloodhounds Muslims surveil, observe and use in tracking down satan. That is why Muslims nurture hypocrites among themselves; they use them to catch other hypocrites and the irreligious. This is one of the characteristics of hypocrites. Because only a hypocrite can easily detect another hypocrite. Muslims have a hard time detecting hypocrites. For that reason, since the presence of hypocrites is a must for every Muslim community, God creates hypocrites among them. Muslims should make good use of hypocrites as they are like skilled, high-quality hounds employed in catching other hypocrites. They are skilled dogs. Through them, it is possible to elicit all the information regarding every abnormal activity of hypocrites and disbelievers alike, as well as their malicious deeds, meeting points etc. It is quite hard for us to discover all these information on our own.

On their real accounts, they show support for Israel and the Jews, but on their fake accounts, they attack them like rabid dogs. On their real accounts they are against drinking wine, but on their fake ones, they extol it. On their real accounts, they are against homosexuals, but on their fake ones, they are fervent homosexuality advocates. This malicious and evil throng exists all across the world. So Muslims should keep this in mind and take due steps and measures.

For example, hypocrites pretend to be highly pious people on their real accounts, but on their fake ones, they mock religion and Islam in their own way, because they reveal their hypocritical subconscious on their fake accounts. For that reason, these fake accounts are like maps to the villainy of hypocrites. They exhibit the full extent of their malice over these accounts despite their apparent reservation. Following those who advocate this philosophy, this mentality will suffice to become acquainted with the hypocrite's spirit.



One of the methods used by hypocrites is that they have their photos taken with a pose of themselves reading books written by homosexuals or people who rejects religion and God; but they do this in a way that do not obviously draw people's attention to the book, but they rather appear to share an innocent picture of themselves merely reading a book. But upon closer look, we see that the book they are holding is in fact written by an atheist, disbeliever, or a spy of the British deep state, or a Darwinist, a materialist, or a member of the PKK, or someone that is against Islam. This is one of their methods. Or they share the picture of a sculpture made by an anti-Islamic sculptor. They write down the name of the sculpture with an emphasis on how wonderful a work of art it is. Those who see the picture wonder about the sculpture, and when they go to his website, they are introduced to a world devoid of religion. This is another method they employ in their supposedly subtle anti-religious propaganda. Muslims need to be very careful about it. At first glance, one thinks they simply wish to display a photo of their homes or themselves and used the book as a mere prop for their photos. Whereas, their actual intention is to promote the book itself. By doing so, they seek to hint at the author the fact that they are of the same mentality On top of that, others who view the picture wonder about the book and check it up on the Internet. And upon finding it, they come across the author’s website and are introduced to his ideas. This is an insidious method. Muslims should remain vigilant about it. This is one of the secret and sinister methods employed in subliminal reconstruction. For example, hypocrites share the picture of a sculpture acclaiming its intricate details, whereas, in reality, that sculpture is dedicated to homosexuality. And finding it beautiful, some Muslims take that image of that sculpture and share it on their own social media accounts, unknowingly carrying out homosexuality propaganda or atheist propaganda. Muslims should be mindful of such insidious methods of hypocrites. If hypocrites praise someone, know that there is definitely a malicious intention behind it. Every name, every speech, every work of art, be it a painting or a sculpture, they share should be approached with caution and interpreted meticulously. Because, subliminal reconstructing is a crucial method employed by hypocrites. They do this worldwide. I take a look at the members of the British deep state and see that they come out in the name of Islam, claim that they are the followers of Rumi philosophy, but at the same time, they carry out a heavy Buddhism propaganda. The Rumi philosophy and Buddhism are two significantly different things. They seemingly claim to be not only Muslim, but Sufi or Mawlawi, sub-sects of Islam. They have not only become Muslims, but immersed into Islamic mysticism; in other words, they are devout Muslims. However, by adopting the Rumi philosophy, they utterly reject Islam; as for their Buddhist propaganda, they do so simply to cause confusion, not because they truly believe in it.



Said Nursi says, "Materialism is a spiritual plague..." In other words, Darwinism and materialist thinking. "...that has infected man with a terrible fever..." He says humanity is shivering in the wake of the destruction this plague has wrought. "...causing him to be visited by divine wrath." In other words, he says that a major disaster has befallen the nations of the earth, such as wars, conflicts, suffering, the high cost of living. "The more the ability to inculcate and criticize expands, so does that plague spread." In other words, he says that materialism thrives on inculcation and criticism. (Letters, Seeds of Reality) For that reason, Muslims should pay extra attention to the inculcation method of hypocrites. They usually employ the method of subliminal suggestion. They are indeed nefarious. One would think that they are delightfully reading a book, -I am referring to hypocrites; otherwise anyone can read a book. That does not necessarily make them hypocrites- but upon closer inspection, the book they read turns out to be written by an atheist. You claim to be a Muslim, you traitor; what are you implying by doing so? They believe that it will go unnoticed, but zooming in on the image gives it away. Look, it is impossible to make out the book when the image is small. But of course people wonder about what book they are reading, and upon zooming in on the image, it turns out to be a book by an atheist writer. This time, people wonder about the subject matter of the book. Do you see their insidious tactics? And when they delve on the writer, they are exposed to his ideas. This is one of the subtlest methods of hypocrites. Most of their methods are in this vein. This is how they improve their inculcation ability. The other is criticism. Hypocrites constantly criticize people. Believers, too, criticize. But hypocrites' criticism has a destructive nature. It aims to destroy, to promote villainy, not mend or restore. "Why haven't you adopted Darwinism, materialism, homosexuality yet?" This is their way of criticizing. Their intention is not the betterment of others.



Hypocrites are all-around thieves, in that they not only steal material properties of others, but the ideological ones as well. For example, they take writings of others and present to others as if their own. As they seek to make themselves look clever, wise, sophisticated and cultured, they try to achieve this by writing articles that have actually been stolen from others. Hypocrites are generally obtuse people. But they try to make themselves look powerful by plagiarizing the properties, ideas and opinions of others. Hypocrites have a pilfered notion of wealth. They make themselves look much different than who they are. For example, they are normally uncultivated, unenlightened people, but they present themselves as refined and sophisticated. They are normally unintelligent, but they pretend to be smart. For that reason, they plagiarize the ideas of others and put them down on paper as their own ideas. This is another way to identify hypocrites. Hypocrites steal both objects and ideas. One can easily identify hypocrites by their tendency to plagiarize. Look, this is a glaring, tangible example. They present the articles of others as their own. This is also true for the objects they have stolen from others. Since their souls have a tendency towards everything that is unlawful, they have a penchant for theft too. For example, they come across an analysis or an article regarding a topical issue. They convey this information to others as if it has been their idea all along. But it is not their own idea. They plagiarized it. Or they take an excerpt from someone else's article. And oblivious to the fact of the matter, people compliment them on their article. However, if they thought about, they would quickly realize that it is plagiarized. Because it is not written in that hypocrites' usual style. It is not something they could come up with.

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