Kenneth Keathley: Christians Want to Have Good Relations with Muslims

There is a variety of opinions that Christians have about Islam and this shouldn’t surprise us. Christianity is a very big religion with a lot of people holding to it. And so there will always be a variety of opinions probably within the Christian faith about Islam. I can only speak as an Evangelical Christian who lives in the United States; the people that I interact with the most are Christians who are in Baptist Churches or Evangelical churches. As Christians we are followers and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ that he is both Lord and Savior. And so for that reason I would have to be honest and say that every Christian desires that everyone know Jesus in this way. Having said that, I think that good Evangelical Christians want to have good relationships with their Islamic friends. And that they want to have an understanding of love, of respect, of charity, of goodwill and of trust and we want to follow what Jesus said that we are to love the Lord our God, with all our hearts, minds and souls. And we manifest this by loving our neighbor as ourselves and so I think that Evangelical Christians would say that we love our Islamic friends and neighbors and want to have good warm relationships with them.

2017-09-25 18:31:28

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