Kenneth Keathley: “Jesus Will Return”

Can you please elaborate on the second coming of Jesus? We, believe that we are in the end times and Jesus will come very soon, if not already has come and hiding somewhere in the world right now. What is your opinion? Has Jesus come to earth, or when will he come? What will his mission be? And who will help him as his first disciples for this coming?


That’s a very good question. In Acts, chapter 1 and verses 8 to 11, we have the account of Jesus ascending up into heaven and as the disciples saw him leave, two angles said to the disciples, “ ‘Men of Galilee’  ‘Why do you look to into the heavens? This Jesus whom you saw go into heaven, in like manner shall return.” And so I believe that the way Jesus left, which is bodily, visibly and in the heavens is the way that he will return, which will be bodily, visibly and in the heavens. And again the Apostle Paul says this that the Lord Jesus Christ will decent from the heaven with the shout, with the voice of the Archangel and the triump of God. And it would be a quite dramatic thing. Again in the Book of Revelation it talks about that every eye shall see him. And so I am of the opinion and of the conviction that when Jesus Christ returns, we won’t have to wonder if he has returned, it would be very clear and it would be very evident. The first time that he came was to provide salvation. The second time that he comes, when he returns, it would be a time of judgment. And so it is a serious and sober thing to consider the second coming of Jesus Christ. But the scriptures make it very clear that he will return.    

2017-09-26 20:23:43

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