LA 7 TV Talks about the Impacts of Adnan Oktar's Bestseller "Islam Denounces Terrorism" in Italy

Vittorio Feltri:

Islam condemning terrorism is a new concept that I had never grasped looking at the reality. In fact, I have never seen a public demonstration with the involvement of a huge Islamic crowd against terrorism. There have been many terrorist attacks, and in Milan, Islamic people have never taken to the streets to demonstrate against terrorism; the same in Rome. But instead, it is comforting to learn from the cover of a book, and I hope that it contains the truth, that Islam condemns terrorists. But it is not enough to produce books and book covers; we need to see actions and attitudes and these, for the moment, make us think that Islam is not so hostile towards terrorists.

David Parenzo:

What is more, and I am speaking to the guests in the studio and to people at home as well, this is the author, this very elegant man (..yes, thank you Francesco) in a tuxedo. The author is Adnan Oktar, who writes under the name of Harun Yahya, born in Ankara in 1956. You might say, ‘Who cares’. Well, ‘who cares’ up to a point. Because the aim of this book, which has been translated into 73 different languages, as the author writes here, is: “...with the will of God’, inshallah,” as the Arabs say, “Harun Yahya’s books will be a means by which human beings of the 21st Century will reach peace, justice and happiness promised in the Qur’an”. This is the Italian edition; how do we know that this is the Italian edition, besides the fact that it is written in Italian (this should be enough)?  We also know it from the cover, because it shows the Twin Towers with the plane of 9/11 and in particular, since Feltri was saying it before, (zoom in, please) it shows the skyscrapers of Milan. Those who live in Milan will recognize them, and a large Mosque next to them, with this nice little family by the lake, the famous skyscrapers next to the minaret. So we can say that this is a publication which is clearly written and intended for Islam in Italy; that is why I am saying that the cover of the book is particular and interesting.






2017-10-27 21:16:14

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