Adnan Oktar's Book 'Islam Denounces Terrorism' on Swiss RSI TV Channel-October 2017

Last August, the distribution of the book entitled "Islam condemns terrorism" found in many letterboxes in Ticino has been the subject of much debate. The book was distributed by Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar. Oktar’s association is close to Turkish President Erdogan. These days, a representative of this organization is visiting Lugano and meeting the media to tell about the goals of the team. Here is Mattia Pacella’s report:

With his textbooks, Adnan Oktar, a rich Turkish preacher, professes a peaceful understanding of Islam in every corner of the globe. Thousands of his books have been found in the letterboxes of Ticino last summer. He is against Darwin's evolutionism, and he is often accompanied by dancing women during his television shows and after the Islamist attempted coup, is also close to the Erdogan regime. These days, his representative Oktar Babuna, who is in Istanbul as a medical doctor has arrived in Ticino.

But, why Switzerland?

Oktar: -Well, Switzerland is the center of democracy; here there is freedom of thought and freedom of expression. That's why we are here to spread our belief.




2017-11-03 21:26:46

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