Swiss RSI TV Report the News of Harun Yahya's Book "Islam Denounces Terrorism" - August 2017

A particular book appeared in the letterboxes of Ticino these days. The author is the Islamic creationist ADNAN OKTAR, the Turkish preacher  whose manifesto against the theory of evolution already had given rise to a debate in the Italian Switzerland in 2010. A colorful book of 320 pages, full of pictures and images with a shiny cover. It appeared in the letterboxes of Ticino a few days ago. Its title is “Islam Denounces Terrorism” and it is accompanied by a flyer which explains its purpose, which is to spread the lovely and peaceful message of the Qur’an to as many people as possible. The author is Adnan Oktar, alias Harun Yahya. He is been trying to convince the world to reject Darwin’s evolution for over 30 years. Here he is in one of his famous television shows of a satellite channel which alternate religious discussions and enjoyable moments. He is definitely against the Islamic State; he supports the coexistence of religions. But the real enemy for him is Darwinism, the root of all evil and the cause of terrorism. But why in Ticino, of all places?

Harun Yahya’s books are practically translated into every language.” In 2010, just before a conference in Lugano, his posters appeared in the streets of Ticino as a huge campaign.

2017-11-09 20:47:45

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