Esteemed Scholar Mehmet Talu’s Statements on Mr. Adnan Oktar

Altuğ Berker: As-salamu alaykum [Peace be with you], Esteemed Hodja.

Preacher Mehmet Talu: Alaykum as-Salam.

Altuğ Berker: We would like to send Mr. Oktar's love and regards to the Esteemed Preacher [Mahmud Hodja] via your reverence.

Preacher Mehmet Talu: Insha'Allah. And I will convey your regards, insha'Allah.

Altuğ Berker: Insha'Allah. I also personally know the love they have for each other.

Preacher Mehmet Talu: Yes.

Altuğ Berker: You are also well acquainted with how they love and are fond of each other in their lodge.

Preacher Mehmet Talu: Indeed. A Muslim loves other Muslim; this is a necessity of Islam.

Altuğ Berker: We all know quite well how resolutely pious the Esteemed Preacher [Mahmud Hodja], and your community, and yourself are; your devotion to our country and nation.  This fact is always evident in all your speeches and written statements. In fact, it is also known that there were martyrs from among your community at the night of July 15, isn't that right?

Preacher Mehmet Talu: Indeed. May Almighty God rest the souls of all our martyrs and reward them amply for their deed.

Altuğ Berker: Insha'Allah.

Preacher Mehmet Talu: It is the martyrs that make a place "homeland". As they say, "Sacrificing lives for its sake is what makes a land homeland." We have always done our best through our efforts and prayers. We always pray to God so that our Lord protects our homeland, our country, our nation and our state, so that He does not leave us without the adhan [call to prayer], without theflag, and without the Qur'an, so that our Lord does not allow those who wish our country harm... In fact, praised by God, we have just returned from the Hajj, and we said these prayers together as a community during our circumambulation and in other sites of worship. I am sure God will accept our prayers, but as Muslim, the more vigilant and cautious we are, the faster our prayers will come true. This is the heart of the matter.

Altuğ Berker: What are your thoughts regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar's studies and efforts on faith and unity and defense of our homeland that expose those behind the coup attempt and other attacks on our country?

Preacher Mehmet Talu: Of course we pray to our Lord so that He grants success upon those who devote their efforts for the goals you have mentioned. May Almighty God render those who serve our homeland, country, religion and state success and remove any obstacle on their paths. This is what we pray for. May Lord keep all of us from making mistakes. Also we are indebted to those who serve our homeland, country, religion, state and people. We pray to God for their protection. May our Lord never allow those who wish to do harm. May Almighty God protect us from them. I paid a visit to Esteemed Mahmut Efendi on the Sunday evening right after the coup attempt and he nicely put: "Almighty God protected and showed mercy on Turkey for the sake of Islam and Islamic countries.” He constantly prays to God. May Almighty God never leave us without our precious scholars. We respect and revere all our precious scholars. May Almighty God never leave us without them. This is what we pray for.

Altuğ Berker: May God bless you.

Preacher Mehmet Talu: Amen.

2017-11-11 08:44:06

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