Mr. Adnan Oktar’s September 2017 Media Publications

Mr. Adnan Oktar's articles, which appear in prominent international newspapers and magazines, attract a wide readership across the world.

The articles  are published in various countries from Russia to the USA, from Iran to Saudi Arabia, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Malaysia, from Spain to Azerbaijan. These articles enlighten millions of readers about scientific, social, political and faith-related issues.

Some of the articles of Mr. Adnan Oktar that appeared in September 2017 in the world press are as follows:

American Herald Tribune - the leftist independent newsportal of the USA"Charlottesville Is a Reminder of What Racism Brings" & The Ramifications of the Post-9-11 "War on Terror"  & "900,000 Rohingya Refugees: The Moment When Humanitarian Spirit Failed"

Tehran Times - Iran's most  prominent English-language daily newspaper – "A letter to humanity" & "Is the Syrian War About to End?"


Pravda - Russia's oldest internet newspaper - "Who is the real beneficiary of US sanctions?"


Huffington Post Arabic version - one of the prominent liberal news portals of the USA based in London - “One step forward, two steps back” strategy is back! & "The Rohingya Are Waiting Our Help Now"


Egyptian Streets - Egypt’s leading independent English media organization, providing readers with an alternate depiction of events that occur in Egypt and the Middle East - "Social Media Campaign to Help Afghan Women Break Free From the Chains of Radicalism"

The Jakarta Post - Indonesia's leading English-language daily newspaper - "Treating others the way you want to be treated"


Almada - the independent and leftist Arabic daily newspaper based in Baghdad - "When will the Downward Spiral of Society End?" & "Medical care: a basic human right that everyone deserves"

The New Strait Times -  one of the oldest English-language newspapers in Malaysia - "Three religions can co-exist peacefully again" & "Let our voice reach the Rohingya"

Gulf Daily News - Bahrain's first English-language newspaper - "Lessons in leadership" & "Powerful voices"

Al Bilad - monthly newspaper in both Arabic and English published in Ontario, Canada - "The worst global cholera outbreak: Yemen" & "Is The World's Resources Not Enough for Everyone?"


The Arab Times – Kuwait’s first English-language daily newspaper, with a remarkable role in Kuwait and the Gulf Area. Since 1977, The Arab Times has been the number one and most popular choice of English readers in Kuwait. - "Our Prophet (saas)’s world heritage letters" & "Let our voice reach the Rohingya"


Az-Zaman – a daily Iraqi newspaper published simultaneously in London, Baghdad and Beirut – "Women; More than statistics" & "Iraq is in Danger of Facing a New Crisis" & "Media Can Starve Terrorism of Oxygen" & "Let’s alleviate the suffering of Rohingya" & "Uniting Under Difficult Conditions" & The Ramifications of the Post-9-11 "War on Terror"

IL Talebano - Italian political think-tank which emphasizes the importance of spiritual and moral values to counter the rising materialism in the society - "Darwinism Debunked through Christian-Muslim Alliance"

The Malay Mail Online - which has been published since 1896 in Malaysia  - "The Rohingya Are Waiting Our Help Now"


Berita Harian – One of Malaysia's leading newspapers published since 1957, with a daily circulation of 110.000 and 1,500,000 readers – "Treating others the way you want to be treated"


The Peninsula Qatar - an English language daily published in Doha, Qatar and 3rd best news website in the Middle East - "Refugees and Turkey on the Sixth Anniversary of Syrian War" & "Qatar-Turkey friendship has strong historical foundations"


Al-Raya - one of Qatar's greatest Arabic-language newspapers – "Turkey under European observation" & "Let our voice reach the Rohingya" & "Refugees and Turkey on the Sixth Anniversary of Syrian War" & "Indifference Towards Refugees"

Akhbar Al Khaleej - the Arabic newspaper known to be the sister publication of the British Gulf Daily News - "A letter to humanity"

Eurasia Review, the think-tank and  independent publishing organ based in the USA - "Alliances In The Middle East Will End Divisive Policies"

Morocco World News – An independent website bringing the news of Morocco and the MENA region to a wider audience – "Lessons in leadership"


Kashmir Reader –The daily newspaper of Jammu and Kashmir of India published in Srinagar, which features promiment columnists. - "Road to Peace in the Old Conflict"


Riyadh Vision - one of the leading independent online media sources of Saudi Arabia - "Women; More than statistics" & "Road to Peace in the Old Conflict"


Revista Cultural Biblioteca Islámica - the first Islamic magazine of Latin America published by Shia Islamic Cultural Organization of El Salvador. - "Qatar Crisis And Muslims’ Responsibility"


The Sun Daily - Malaysia’s first national daily with the widest circulation of 310.000 a day - "Women; More than statistics"


Middle East Online - the prominent news portal in Arabic and English based in London having a high readership - "Media Can Starve Terrorism of Oxygen"


Utusan Borneo - the largest circulated Malay newspaper in East Malaysia - "Women; More than statistics"


The Borneo Post - the East Malaysia’s newspaper in English with the highest readership figure. - "Women; More than statistics" & American Example: Uniting Under Difficult Conditions"


The Pretorio News - the awarded newspaper published in South Africa with a circulation of 150.000. - "Medical care: a basic human right that everyone deserves"


Bernama - The official national news agency of the government of Malaysia which is published in 5 languages, including Malay, English, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish - Women; More than statistics & "The Rohingya Are Waiting Our Help Now" & "Uniting Under Difficult Conditions"


The Star - a daily English newspaper published in Gauteng, South Africa with a mass circulation - "Medical care: a basic human right that everyone deserves"


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