Historian and Author Rabbi Ben Abrahamson Talks about the Importance of Jerusalem (January 11, 2018)

RABBI ABRAHAMSON: In any time there is a conflict, any time there is tension, all the believers should be seeking clarity to understand what the issues are and to seek peace. We are told over and over again both in the Torah and Muslims are told in the Qur’an that the key for believers is to imitate the characters of the Prophets. To do kindness and compassion like the Prophets did. Anytime there is a conflict, for instance, right now there is tension concerning the matter of Jerusalem, people wouldn't imagine the Prophets getting together and fighting over an issue. It would be unbelievable that such a thing would happen. So we have to imitate the compassion and the kindness of the Prophets who are sent to us.

RABBI ABRAHAMSON: The reason why Jerusalem is so important for the Jewish people is because of what the Prophets did there. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) built the Temple there. The other Prophets also did great works there, they were teaching. All the time, from when it was built, even from the time of the Prophet David (pbuh), Jerusalem was a place where all people, not just the Children of Israel, but non-Jews too, people from Persia, from Syria, from Arabia were all invited to come to Jerusalem. This is the dream of the Jewish people, to bring back the Jerusalem to the glory of the time of the Prophets. That it should be a city of peace. The word Jerusalem means, ‘The City of 'Shalom', the city of peace. In Hebrew, 'Shalom' has the idea of bringing opposites together to make peace. You bring things which are opposite, and you bring them together into a whole. That is what the city of Jerusalem is. It is Jewish people's dream that it should be a place of unity, where not just the Children of Israel but all people should come and pray. Sometimes it is painful for us to see the Temple Mount become a place of conflict or fighting. It should be a place of prayer, it should be a place where all people of all nations can come to pray, not for conflict. The Prophet says it should be a House of Prayer for all nations. Even Ezekiel gives a vision of the Third Temple, the Final Temple, which is yet to be built, envisions one where all nations will come. If you look at the verses in Ezekiel, you see that everything that is built on the Temple Mount today could fit into what is there. No changes, maybe a few things could be added, but nothing has to be taken away from what exists on the Temple Mount now to completely fulfill what Ezekiel is talking about.

ADNAN OKTAR: Insha'Allah, we are determined. We will accomplish this within the current century. It will be settled. And we will witness its grandeur.


2018-01-23 06:56:55

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