Dr. Fabrizio Fratus, Italian Sociologist, 3rd International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe, April 28th, 2018-Istanbul

Good morning, everyone, and thank you. I would sincerely like to thank the entire staff of “the Origin of Life” for inviting me to the third edition of this important international meeting. And I would like to thank Adnan Oktar for the great work that he is carrying out in order to spread the truth about the evolution of species.

The theory of evolution unbelievably claims to explain the genesis of the forms through a series of processes that all lead to degradation. All the verifiable expectations of the theory of evolution have been dashed, and in Italy, as in many other countries of the world, Darwin’s theory is presented through scientific falsification.

In the textbooks of Italian schools we can find the famous Archaepteryx, a fossil found into limonite deposits in Germany, which has been presented with features common to both birds and reptiles and promoted as missing link between dinosaurs and birds. We know that the Archaepteryx is just a normal bird actually, and even Alan Feduccia, one of the most important evolutionist researchers, specializing in the hypothetical “transformation” from reptiles into birds, has no doubts. The Archaepteryx has a bird skull, claws for clinging, protruding bones for the attachment of the ligaments of the feathers, hollow bones, avian lungs.

In the textbooks of Italian schools we can find one of the biggest scientific frauds: Haeckel’s embryos (theory of recapitulation). In the late 1800s, the German geneticist had falsified drawings in order to show the similarity between embryos of different species, deceiving people into thinking that they had a common descent.

And what about the Pakicetus? It is described as a form of transition from terrestrial animals to whales. In the picture, only the parts in blue have been found; the rest of the skeleton has been imagined and drawn to complete those parts. Evolutionists have a strong imagination.

What about the most famous link mentioned in the textbooks? LUCY. The skeleton was found in 1974 (40% of the bones). In 1989, anthropologists acknowledged that Lucy is an ape.

  • Long arms
  • Jaw
  • Femur
  • Hands and brain size like a chimpanzee
  • Legs like those of apes
  • Strong back muscles for tree-living
  • Long and curved feet    

No similarity with humans. Lucy is simply an ape.

But there is more in the textbooks. The Neanderthal is described as the simian troglodyte ancestor of the modern human. The Neanderthal actually

  • buried his dead
  • wore jewelry
  • created cave paintings
  • had a specific language
  • played musical instruments

The remains of the Neanderthal were found buried with those of modern humans (4 sites) and the DNA analysis did not reveal any significant difference between us. The Neanderthal is nothing but a human like us.

But now, let’s talk about the real masterpiece of evolutionist propaganda, to see how they try to manipulate the truth: DNA similarity between humans and apes. Using hybridization: apes and humans have 97% similarity in their DNA.


Only a very small part of DNA was compared, and a correct statistic reduces similarity to 96%. Molecular biologists do not consider it a valid technique, and the comparison was “elaborated” before the genome mapping; a more recent study reduces similarity to 92%. But as early as 1957, with “Haldane’s Dilemma”, it was known that the transformation of apes into humans was impossible. The geneticist has calculated 1.667 possible mutations between humans and apes, whereas the required mutations, given the 4% DNA difference, should have been 240.000.000. So, the transition from ape to human is to be considered impossible.

What is the evidence of molecular biology? Genetic mutations never add new information, but, on the contrary, the result is always a loss of information, as shown by the work of the geneticist John Sanford from Cornell University, the inventor of the “gene gun”, who published in 2015 all the data related to his research on entropy of DNA.

Evolutionists should also explain the origin of life on earth, so here we come to another big lie. While scientists such as Francesco Redi and Lazzaro Spallanzani experimentally proved the “life from life” concept, in the textbooks we still find Stanley Miller’s experiment, that is to say his attempt to create life from a hypothetical primordial soup. But we know that the raw materials were wrong, the assumed conditions were wrong, the results were inconclusive. Miller himself did not believe in his experiment.

The whole theory of evolution focuses on:

  • Case
  • Mutations
  • Natural selection
  • Sexuality


Galilean science proves that:

  • Case presides over chaos and loss of the form.
  • Mutations are the errors in reproduction, and the accumulation of errors certainly cannot create something complex.
  • Natural selection produces less biodiversity and reduces genetic diversity.
  • Sexuality acts by confusing what is separate.

«The evolutionism of Darwin has proved to be scientifically unsustainable, but also morally damaging, having adopted as the founding principle of the reality in which we live.. the fact that the strongest oppress the weak»

The students of Italian schools are forced to study using textbooks full of lies; the mass indoctrination perpetuated by the supporters of the evolution of species is based on the manipulation of the truth.

Darwin’s theory is not science. It is an ideology. Antonino Zichichi, a world famous physicist, has specified as follows:

«The dominant culture made the general public think that the origin of life and the biological evolution of the human species are scientific Galilean-type truths. Once again we have to remember that the Galilean-type truths have three levels of credibility and that the biological evolution of the human species was at the beginning, always has been, and still is below the minimum level of scientific credibility»

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