Mr. Adnan Oktar's April 2018 Media Publications

The articles of Mr. Adnan Oktar that were published in the international media outlets in April 2018

To date, Adnan Oktar’s articles have been published in over 500 newspapers and journals in more than 70 countries.

These articles that are on scientific, social, political and faith-related issues reach millions of readers in many countries like Russia-the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South African Republic, Malaysia, Israel, Palestine Spain, Bosnia Herzegovina, Azerbaijan.

Some of the articles of Mr. Adnan Oktar that appeared in April 2018 in the world press are as follows:

Pravda - Russia's oldest internet newspaper - "Ever growing long-standing Turkish-Russian relationship"

Afghanistan Times – English daily from Kabul, Afghanistan – "Atrocities committed against children"

Geopolitica - one of Russia's leading think-tank website published in 5 languages, which devotes space to expert writers and columnists on international relations, security and struggle against terror -  "Overcoming Obstacles Before Turkish-Greek Alliance"

WTX News - London-based media company and news portal – "The Disinformation And Facts Regarding The Afrin Operation"

Mshreq News - A Palestinian based news agency providing up-to-the-minute news, both local and regional – “Identity politics: Next generation WMD of global exploitation system"

Hespress - Morocco-based international news agency with over 14,5 million followers on Facebook, is one of the most reliable and influential news source in the Middle East and North Africa region. – "There is no “invisible hand” in the economy" & "The horrific return of racism. Or was it always there?"

The Jakarta Post - Indonesia's leading English-language daily newspaper – "Promises for the future of women’s rights"

Almada- the independent and leftist Arabic daily newspaper based in Baghdad – "Promises for the future of women’s rights"

New Straits Times -  one of the oldest English-language newspapers in Malaysia - "Six-trillion-dollar grave"

Pakistan Observer, daily English-language newspaper published in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Muzafarabad with the largest visitation of its e-paper - Did God use evolution to create universe?

The Global Institute for Democracy and Strategic Studies, a think-tank from US – "Helping is always a good idea" & "Status of woman; today and tomorrow" & "Six-trillion-dollar grave"

Al Bilad - monthly newspaper in both Arabic and English published in Ontario, Canada - "Did cavemen really exist?" & "Reconciling the past and present in Muslim-US relations"

Al Ghad - Jordan's first independent Arabic newspaper- "Refugee children should be Europe’s big concern"

Az-Zaman – a daily Iraqi newspaper published simultaneously in London, Baghdad and Beirut – "The Disinformation And Facts Regarding The Afrin Operation" & "Six-trillion-dollar grave" & "Justifying Wars Never Brings Peace"

Iraq Akhbar – Iraqi news portal – "Promises for the future of women’s rights"

IL Talebano - Italian political think-tank which emphasizes the importance of spiritual and moral values to counter the rising materialism in the society - "Did cavemen really exist?"

Hindustan Times - India’s national daily newspaper with a daily circulation of 1 million readers - "Refugee children should be Europe’s big concern"

Sasapost - Arabic language international political news portal based in Belgium has 4 million visitors on monthly basis – "Biofuel(s): Seeing Both Sides" & "Six-trillion-dollar grave" & "Ever growing long-standing Turkish-Russian relationship"

Kashmir Reader –The daily newspaper of Jammu and Kashmir of India published in Srinagar, known as the summer capital of the region, which features promiment columnists. – "Justifying Wars Never Brings Peace"

India's oldest English daily newspaper, The Pioneer - Turkish traces in India & "Grey propaganda and insidious operations"

Bernama - the official portal of the Malaysian National News Agency published in 5 languages, including Malay, English, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish - "There is no “invisible hand” in the economy"

Russians Athens – Greece's widely visited Russian newsportal -  "Overcoming Obstacles Before Turkish-Greek Alliance"

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