Dr. Fazale Rana: "Everywhere I look I see evidence for God's handiwork"

- Where in the scientific world do you come across the proofs of Creation?

- Well, from my perspective, everywhere I look I see evidence for God’s handiwork. I see evidence for God’s handiwork inside the cell, in the elaborate sophisticated beautiful systems inside the cell. One of the things that I find absolutely astounding is the fact that the mechanisms in the cell that manipulate DNA, which is an information harboring molecule literally functioning like a computer system at its most basic essence, in fact, it is such a sophisticated computer system that there are now engineers that are trying to build computers using DNA in the machinery in the cell, that manipulates DNA. But we also see that design at the level of organisms as well. What’s interesting is that there are again engineers that are turning to the designs in biology to inspire new technology. This is called biomimetics and bioinspiration. But the mere fact that you have scientists turning to designs in nature to inspire new technologies, highlights just how amazing and elegant those designs actually are.


2018-07-11 00:05:11

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