Dr. Fazale Rana Talks About The Invalidity of The Miller-Urey Experiment

- Can life come into existence by itself. What are your thoughts on the Miller experiment? What are proofs that refute the possibility that life can come into existence by itself?

In fact, many of the experiments that people will cite in favor of chemical evolutionary or abiogenesis like the Miller-Urey experiment turned out to be invalid experiments. So Miller did his famous experiment in the 1950s, his spark discharge experiment, where presumably he was able to make amino acids in the laboratorial conditions that would simulate the early Earth. It turns out that Miller’s conditions were not the conditions that we now know that the early Earth was like and when we try to use those conditions in the Miller-Urey experiment, nothing happens whatsoever. So it’s an invalid experiment in terms of justifying the origin of life. But one of the things that’s interesting is that the problems we see with the Miller-Urey experiment actually point us to a Creator’s role. Because origin of life researchers are very good at going into the lab and identifying chemical processes that let’s say might make amino acids or nucleobases or sugars. But we know that in the laboratory, those experiments have to be done under highly controlled conditions where the researcher is playing a vital role in the success of that experiment. What that means is that, that chemistry isn't going to happen on the early Earth unless there is an intelligent agent that is somehow orchestrating those reactions. So the irony is that the experiments designed to defend chemical evolution actually when you interpret them properly, provide some of the most compelling evidence that a Creator had to play a role in the origin of life.


2018-07-11 00:35:38

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