Spreading good tidings of paradise


We have sent you with the truth bringing good news and giving warning. There is no community to which a warner has not come.  (Surah Fatir; 24)

Along with warnings, Muslims are also responsible for giving good news. The Qur’an was revealed both as a warning and a bringer of good tidings. In it, Allah gives the encouragement of Paradise for people of moral excellence. Provided they are patient, sincere, just and modest, Allah promises practicing Muslims many rewards in the Hereafter. Paradise is so glorious in terms of its artistry, richness and magnificence that nothing in this world can be compared to it. Everything created therein is of unprecedented beauty. The joy, happiness and relief that people in Paradise will experience are also unparalleled. In the Qur’an, Allah gives detailed accounts of Paradise that are a source of great enthusiasm for Muslims. Contemplating Paradise motivates Muslims and encourages them to make serious efforts to attain it. Knowing that Allah generously rewards every bit of good done for His cause, the Muslim feels more devoted to Him.

Allah also presents rewards to Muslims in this world; domination of Islamic values across the world, the descent of Prophet Jesus (AS) in the end times, relief of the heart, victory over unbelievers, inheritance of abundant wealth, and a good life are among those mentioned in the Qur’an. Each is a further incentive and source of joy for Muslims.

It is an act of worship for Muslims to pass on this good news. Thus, Allah referred to prophets as those who “give good news” as well as “warnings.” Tidings about the improvement of the Muslims in the material or spiritual sense, their successes, Allah’s help and protection of them, and their victories strengthen the morale of believers, while discouraging and terrifying the hypocrites and unbelievers.

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