Our sole friend is Turkey

Hatay TV, 7 September 2008

Adnan Oktar: ...Azerbaijan is already a country that wants to be a prominent country in the Turkish Islamic Unity. I meet with the Azerbaijani intellectuals here. They all desire it and want it to come true at once. Our primary goal is the lifting of the passports and visas. We will set beautiful tablesnearthe Khazar Sea and thusmake grills and eat altogether Insha'Allah.


Zaman, 23 July 2011



Following the June 12th elections Erdogan paid his first official visit to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. His second visit is planned to be to Azarbaijan. Baku eagerly awaits this visit which is planned to be made in the following months. Senior Azarbaijani officials who accepted  the Turkish journalists before the visit conveyed warm messages. Ali Hasanov, the deputy prime minister of Azarbaijan, stated that in a severe geography the sole real friend of Azarbaijan is Turkey.

2011-10-24 00:02:54

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