The Quran tells that the creation of mankind was instantaneous

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 17th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: "When your Lord said to the angels, I am creating a human being out of dried clay formed from fetid black mud." (Surah Al-Hijr, 28), in other words, God says that He will make a porcelain sculpture, and out of it, create a human being. "When I have formed him and breathed My Soul into him, fall down in prostration in front of him!" (Surah Al-Hijr, 29) God tells the angels to not tarry, since they wait before him. God says that He gives form to the porcelain, and that when He breaths His Soul into him, he comes to life; God then tells the angels to immediately prostrate before him without delay. They should prostrate in a matter of seconds.

"O mankind!" says God in the 1st verse of Surah an-Nisa- I seek refuge in God from satan. "Have faith of your Lord who created you from a single self," from a single human being, "and created its mate from it", in other words God says I created a wife for the Prophet Adam (pbuh) out of his self. Since they failed to impose evolution theory on Turkey, now they try to reconcile it with Islam by making it look like one of the commandments of the Quran. In other words, they attempt to add theory of evolution as 6th pillar to the 5 pillars of Islam such as fasting, prayer, charity. And they believe that Muslims would fall for this, whereas the theory of evolution was introduced with an aim to deny God, in other words, its main purpose is to deny God.  They say, "Just keeping it in mind will not hurt." No, it is a fictional theory.


2017-02-16 20:58:38

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