Dr. Bernard Brandstater: Music Is a Gift of God, It Is a Way to Celebrate, It Is a Way to Worship

PRESENTER: Now can you also tell us about music and how that also fits with the 7th Day Adventist and how it's used, is it used during the time of worship on Saturday, outside of that? Can you explain all about that?

Dr. BERNARD BRANDSTATER: I believe and our church people here believe that music is a gift of God. We are given hearing ability to distinguish between tones and musical textures and harmonies. These capacities, this sensory ability was not just an accident. So that we can talk one another, it was given to us so that we can enjoy it. It is a gift, that's what I believe; I'm a music maker myself. I can play the keyboard up there and I can play the trumpet, and I sing in the choir. So, music for me is a way to worship and you know that in church we worship for centuries, there have been choirs. Tastes in music have changed, so sometimes modern music doesn’t suit everybody's taste. I have only a limited taste for some of the contemporary music, sometimes it seems like lots of noise rather than music. If I go to Africa and I go to a village where people don’t have musical instruments but they can worship God and they can dance and they can beat the drums and they do whatever is available to them to worship God. It's a way to celebrate and so I look upon music as celebration and something through which I can say 'Thank you Lord for this gift because it makes me joyful and I love coming here to worship You'.

PRESENTER: Thank you very much Dr. Brandstater.

2017-08-19 00:28:23

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