Those who want to change the world

Nowadays, a large part of the world is struggling through great turbulences both politically and socially. But despite all these turbulences and the negativity, there are people in many places of the world who wish for change. These people are looking for solutions to the problems with all their might. They consider the problems of different people in different countries and continents as their own, and want to find solutions. These people are sincerely prepared to make sacrifices to find solutions to hunger in Africa, to civil wars, poverty, income inequality, and armament.

The goal of those people who want to change the world is to live in a fairer world. Certainly the efforts of these people ignite a spark of excitement in other people but they can't instill this passion sufficiently to the masses. Therefore they remain as movements which flare-up and die; sometimes, they are marginalized and pushed into the underground. But the problem is that many of them are unable to find the right methods. For instance, although some movements fighting against racism emerge with the right intentions, they sometimes deviate to the path of violence due to their frustration caused by their inability to find a solution. Violence, on the other hand, is a wrong path to take when trying to correct something; one that renders you wrong even if you were initially right. Teaching people justice and love is never possible through violence.

Those who have set their sights on changing the world, have to find new and correct ways to instill their passion into others. They have to make an effort for works that would achieve success and eventually make people happy instead of transient protests that people are accustomed to see on the streets. To do this, they have to set out with the right ideology.

Religion is a very good unifying factor; it teaches justice and love. In its foundation lies respect for all people, all beliefs and all ideas. Therefore, an atmosphere of love based on religion is an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and where justice is upheld for everyone. This atmosphere ensured by religion is a source of motivation that all people, religious or not, can ally in.

Since religious people are wholeheartedly devoted to God, they experience self-sacrifice, sincerity, honesty, patience, and most importantly, goodness that people yearn for, perfectly. Sincerely religious people show every effort to erase evil from the face of this world. They do their very best for those who are in difficulty. For the good pleasure of God, they use all their time, material means and physical strength for this goal. That is why "the alliance of the good" is important for religious people. Faithful Christians, Jews and Muslims acting together form the greatest alliance that can achieve the greatest of dreams. 

The ones we really mean here are the true religious people. We do not address these remarks to those who adhere to superstitions, to radicals and extremists who want hatred instead of love. Interpreting the religion differently by adhering to superstitions is a slander against religion to begin with. Therefore, the alliance that we mean must be made with the true religious people who know that the essence of the religion is love.

Indeed, there are also people who have these qualities among the non-religious. For this reason, an alliance between the religious people and people from non-religious circles who strive for beautiful goals is also important. People with common-sense who want to change the world will be able to make great breakthroughs by taking the religious people, who are ready to make all kinds of sacrifices for love and peace, with them and making the mosques, churches and synagogues their area of activity.

Do not forget that evil has not developed on its own in this world, nor does it remain standing unregulated. Behind it are people whose interests lie in this environment.  If we are talking about hunger in Africa today, poverty in the Philippines, drugs and violence widespread in Latin America, everyone knows that at one point in history, these regions were oppressed in the name of colonialism and deliberately left poor. As the nations of Africa became poor, a privileged group got rich. The real killers of those who’ve died in cartel wars in Mexico are the people who manage the drug trafficking and increase their ill-gotten gains from it with every passing minute. In the Philippines, if there are people living in squalor, next to them are the people who live in extravagance beyond the dreams of avarice.

Evil is an organized movement. It is an organism that operates globally and that immediately grows a new arm when it loses one. Those who seek evil strive to drive a wedge between the good poles of the world, and target religious people as their first move. That is because they know very well that they cannot survive an alliance of the good ones. It is not possible for people, countries or even small alliances to survive alone against it. Therefore, the alliance of the good must be big and organized. That is the only way that will prevent the insidious traps of the evil ones and make the world a better place in the near future.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Al Bilad & Saily Mail:

2017-06-10 17:42:33

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