Why Darwinism Is Incompatible with the Qur'an

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What If Darwinism Is Not Perceived as a Menace?


The preceding chapters touched upon the errors into which some Muslims who support evolution have fallen. Another point that needs to be considered, however, is that the theory represents a hidden danger to others, even though they do not actually believe in it.

Muslims who regard evolution as a harmless theory, even though it is completely opposed to the fact of creation, and then stand by and watch it develop are actually helping it gain a wider and stronger hold on society. Thus, they are allowing atheism to grow stronger. For this reason, Muslims must understand the philosophy beneath the theory. Evolution is a supposedly "scientific" expression of materialist philosophy. Materialist philosophy, in turn, actually means atheism.

This means that each and every Muslim must wage a war of ideas against atheism.

Those Who Think That Darwinism Is Not a Threat Are Wrong

Some believers maintain that evolution is a thing of the past and is no longer accepted, and therefore does not pose a serious threat from the viewpoint of Islam. As a result, they see no need to expose its falsehoods and unscientific claims. They claim "Darwinism is dead."

Contrary to what such people think, however, many people still support evolution because of its philosophical implications, even though it is scientifically bankrupt.73 Darwinists are still exceedingly influential in many countries, universities, the media, and schools all around the world. In fact, Darwinism remains active on the global stage, by dominating the academia, international media, and the world view of the ruling elite.

Philip Johnson
Prof. Phillip Johnson

Evolutionists can exert a significant degree of pressure upon the scientific world. One-sided comments are made in scientific publications and in the media, and evolution is portrayed as absolute truth. The media in particular, which influences a large section of society, describes every fossilized bone that is found as a new proof for evolution. It is backed by Darwinist academics in schools and universities. Scientists who believe in Allah find their careers blighted and, because they reject Darwinism, their books and articles are not published. Furthermore, they are accused of dogmatism, although this is unfounded, and backwardness. If scientists in Western countries wish to build an academic career, they must turn a blind eye to Darwinism and even support it, whether they want to or not. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to rise in their chosen profession.74

One of the scientific critics of this theory is Phillip E. Johnson, a professor of law at the University of California-Berkeley and the intellectual leader of the Intelligent Design movement75, who describes how the theory is used as a weapon against true belief:

Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy

The leaders of science see themselves as locked in a desperate battle against religious fundamentalists, a label which they tend to apply broadly to anyone who believes in a Creator who plays an active role in worldly affairs. These fundamentalists are seen as a threat to liberal freedom, and especially as a threat to public support for scientific research. As the creation myth of scientific naturalism, Darwinism plays an indispensable ideological role in the war against fundamentalism. For that reason, the scientific organizations are devoted to protecting Darwinism rather than testing it, and the rules of scientific investigation have been shaped to help them succeed.76

Using this "intellectual dictatorship," evolutionists turn some universities into nests of Darwinist education that produce graduates who believe that materialist philosophy is science. They think that the right to education needs to be taken away from believers in Allah. One of the clearest examples of this was seen in the angry attitude of Ali Demirsoy, a Turkish evolutionist and professor, during a televised debate about evolution. He uttered statements along the lines of "No scientist who believes in Allah should be allowed in a university. I would throw believers out of universities." Such statements clearly reveal the evolutionists' prejudiced attitudes.

Muslims may be overly optimistic, because they are unaware of the situation's true facts, and therefore unable to perceive Darwinism as a threat. However, materialists and especially Marxists are waging a serious war against religion by means of the "scientific" backing they receive from Darwinism. That is why Muslims need to free themselves from the error of thinking that Darwinism is finished as quickly as possible. At a time when evolutionists are waging a global war of ideas against religion, it is a mistake to say that the theory is dead and to see Darwinism as harmless.

Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on Kirsehir Ahi TV, July-15, 2008

PRESENTER: And you have written books under all these difficult conditions, in several of which you have concentrated on the theory of evolution. Why do you attach such importance to the theory of evolution? Why is it so important? How important is the theory of evolution?

sola yaslı ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims have been stabbed in the back. But they only see right in front of them. In other words, they never look to see, "What is behind these events? What lies behind this corruption?" They never look to see. "Why should someone attack religious pronouncements, why should he attack Islam?" They never investigate this. They just gloss over it by saying, "Because of irreligion, lack of faith." But what made that person as he is? When we look at that person we see just one thing - Darwinism. He believes in the idol that is Darwinism. He will remain loyal to his faith so long as his superstitious faith survives. The invalidity of that faith needs to be proved first of all. What we are doing is to tell people that this corruption, this great lie is a ruse. Muslims have so far failed to realize the cunning strength and effect of Darwinism. The Islamic world has not been able to realize it. For example, no Islamic scholar has engaged in the kind of struggle against Darwinism that I am waging, that we are waging. They may have written a few lines, but some never mentioned it at all. They have made no statements on the subject. I regard that as a blessing, thanks be to Allah. I regard the way that Allah has bestowed this duty on my colleagues and I as a great blessing. But there is a system that constantly weakens Muslims, as if sucking their blood like a leech. Muslims cannot see it. They strive against that system instead of looking to see where the weakness comes from. Yet the best way of combating the system is to eliminate its religion. In the same way the opposition is trying to eradicate our religion, so Muslims must strive to eliminate theirs. Because these two faiths are in conflict. Islam and Darwinism are in conflict. Darwinism is an atheist, materialist and pagan faith that has come down from Sumerian times. It is very ancient. I mean, Darwinism has not just newly emerged. We see the same ideology and superstitious belief when we look at Egyptian history and the time of Pharaoh. It existed among the Sumerians and the Akkadians. It is in all the myths. It is an ancient philosophy, a heretical religion. It is essential to expose this religion and bring it out into the open. Everything hidden and opposed to Islam must be brought out into the open. That is the case with freemasonry, for instance, it is secret. Because Muslims are out in the open. They may have beards and turbans if necessary. Or they are obvious in some way. They are obvious from their prayers. But masons do not reveal themselves. So Muslims are unable to oppose them intellectually. A mason will portray himself as religious, but is actually a Darwinist, atheist and materialist. That is why it is so vitally important to expose, describe and bring freemasonry out into the open, and Darwinism, and to leave nothing secret.


Avoiding the War of Ideas Just Strengthens Darwinism

Those who think that Darwinism is dead or represents no danger and who spread that idea in their own circles are, consciously or not, helping the theory gain new ground. When they put forward that opinion, people form the idea that there is no such danger. Moreover, it prevents the growth of any ideological and scientific sensitivity to Darwinist propaganda, falsehoods, and suggestions, which means that precautions cannot be taken.

People who believe in evolution continue to prepare the groundwork, albeit with outdated facts, and fiercely defend the theory at every available opportunity. They try to keep their ideas alive, even by falsehood and distortion. Since many Muslims do not think that the theory represents a danger, they do not read or learn about it and thus cannot respond intelligently to the evolutionists with whom they come into contact.

Yet it is easy to learn and grasp this theory's invalidity, for it is a nineteenth-century thesis that has lost all scientific justification. Furthermore, scientific data on the origin of the universe and life – such as the "fine tuning" of the universe (also known as the Anthropic Principle), the complexity of life at the molecular level, the complex information in life's origin, and the sudden appearance of very distinct life forms in the fossil record confirm the fact of creation. However, as long as the faithful fail to research or learn about these advances, they will continue to lack the knowledge to respond intelligently to evolutionists. Therefore, they struggle to respond with false logic and erroneous information and examples. Before Muslims make use of the vast literature dealing with the falsity of Darwinist ideas, they must realize the present danger and believe in the necessity of a war of ideas.

Given this reality, those who have been deceived by the error of evolutionary creation and who believe that Darwinism poses no danger are, in a sense, responsible for the way that Muslims remain silent in the face of Darwinists. We say this because even though they do not regard chance as a creative force and they believe in Allah, they lack the facts needed to adopt a valid and consistent approach when confronted with evolutionist claims. And so they seek for a supposed middle way between those claims and their own beliefs. As a result, they put forward such ideas as "Allah created living things by means of evolution" or "Evolution is compatible with religion."

However, as this book has explained, this situation is unacceptable to any Muslim who truly believes in Allah. Evolutionists claim to speak in the name of science, but, in reality, they are lying in its name. That is why Muslims must not give credence to that deception, with its "scientific" external appearance, but should look at the ideologies that the theory serves. Failure to perceive the atheist philosophy and structure upon which this theory is based, as well as believing it to be true, mean surrendering to it and sharing part of the blame for all the harm that Darwinism inflicts upon mankind. Without being aware of it, such Muslims are inflicting great harm upon society.

This is why Muslim evolutionists must reconsider the ideas that they support. Surrendering to the other side, while knowing that it is wrong and an unproven and thoroughly discredited theory, and trying to adapt Islam to Darwinism are unacceptable options. We must not forget that all Muslims are obligated to wage a war of ideas to overthrow any idea that denies Allah's existence and to use the truth to destroy falsehood. Evading that responsibility, seeking common ground with atheists, and making concessions to the other side or giving in to their ideas are all grave errors.

For example, in a society where communism is widespread, the duty of a Muslim is not to "Islamicize" communism. Such a path brings no benefits to religion, but merely serves the interests of communism. The duty of a Muslim is to overthrow communism as a philosophy, attack it on the level of ideas, and to demonstrate the truth of Islam.

In the same way, it is not a Muslim's duty to "Islamicize" Darwinism, but to overthrow that great lie on the level of ideas and to show the truth of creation. This is why Muslims must act consciously and not support Darwinism, which is the basis of all atheist philosophies.

Darwinism Poses a Threat to Society

Ruling elites that teach Darwinism to their young people as a scientific fact encourage aggression in them as well as the lie that it is necessary to fight to win the supposed "struggle for survival."

Nobody who thinks in an unbiased, honest, and free manner can genuinely believe that unconscious atoms came together by chance, organized themselves, and finally brought about people who think, reason, feel, see, hear, establish civilizations, make discoveries, create works of art, rejoice, feel sorrow, or even study the atoms that compose their own bodies under the electron microscope. Yet this is the irrational belief that Darwin's theory imposes upon people. Despite the scientific terminology they use, that is the essence of Darwinist logic.

People who accept such a distorted "logic" begin to lose their powers of rational analysis and judgment. After accepting the most impossible scenario as quite logical, they become unable to see the most obvious proofs of religious faith. Such people, who have lost the ability to think and to see the most obvious truths, to understand the suggestions and propaganda to which they are subjected for what they are, and who blindly accept that idea just because the majority do so, can easily be drawn in any direction. After arriving at that stage, such people cannot even use their own intelligence, a condition that makes it much easier to give them a gun and send them off to be a terrorist or else convince them of lies to the effect that "Darwin says that this person belongs to an inferior race, so you may kill him or her."

In fact, the damage done to young people by Darwinism in many countries is seen to be irreversible. Hooligans in England, neo-Nazis in Germany, the skinheads in America, and the majority of young people throughout the world have lost all human qualities. Such people, who are killers and monsters, are living examples of Darwinism's danger. The reason why such countries are having terrible trouble with their young people is that those young people received a Darwinist education.

darwinism, ideology, murder

Countries that raise terrorists by their own hands due to this mistaken education policy then try to round up these "robots of death." The true solution, however, is to provide these young people with an education that contains no trace of Darwin's ideas, all of which have been proven false and unfounded by modern scientific discoveries.

We must be aware that people raised in this way will bring nothing but harm to the societies in which they find themselves. One day, today's young people will be adults, administrators, diplomats, and teachers. So if we hope to see a modern, scientifically advanced and rational civilization in the future, we must educate our young people with that aim in mind. This can be done only if we free our young people from Darwinist ideas and falsehoods and explain to them that they are not evolved animals, but rather Allah created them, have a soul, and possess the greatest knowledge among all living things. In other words, we must tell them the truth.

If young people know that they have been created with an honorable and superior soul and consciousness, they will behave accordingly. If they are made to believe that they have evolved from animals, although it has no truth in it, share a common ancestor with apes, and other similar ideas, they will look at life as a fight and resort to all methods to win it. A selfish and irresponsible generation, capable of all kinds of cruelty and with no concept of tolerance, love, respect, or brotherhood will then emerge. In any case, they will see themselves and other people as essentially valueless due to their belief that all people are descended from animals. Believing that there is no point in leading an honorable and moral life, they will selfishly display all kinds of wickedness and immorality.

What needs to be done, therefore, is to eliminate the dictatorship of evolutionist concepts and theories in schools, books, the press and the media, social platforms – in short, everywhere – and to direct people toward the rationality and deep thinking demanded by both the Qur'an and science.



73. See Harun Yahya, Darwinism Refuted, Goodword Books, New Delhi, 2003; Phillip E. Johnson, Reason in the Balance, Intervarsity Press, 1995; Phillip E. Johnson, The Wedge of Truth, Intervarsity Press, 2000; Benjamin Wiker, Moral Darwinism: How We Became Hedonists, Intervarsity Press, 2002

74. In the United States, several academicians who have criticized Darwinism have been pushed out from their positions by the Darwinist establishment–institutions like the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Center for Science Education. Robert deHart, a highschool teacher, was ousted in 1998 merely for mentioning to his students some information that criticized the theory of evolution.

75. Phillip E. Johnson is one of the leading figures in the intellectual challenge against Darwinism. His books include Darwin on Trial, Reason in the Balance, Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, Objections Sustained and The Wedge of Truth.

76. Philip E. Johnson, Darwin On Trial, Intervarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois, 2nd ed, 1993, p.155

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