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How Do Colourful Plants Emerge from Soil?

Your parent prepares your meal everyday and brings it to the table. There are different types of vegetables and fruit on the table. Well, did you ever wonder where they all come from?

All plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables grow in dark soil. So, how do beautifully scented red roses or strawberries, or wonderfully scented, water-filled yellow lemons emerge from the dark soil, which does not smell so good?

Each plant, vegetable, flower and fruit has different smells, colours and tastes. Apricots, peaches, watermelons, oranges, cherries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, and figs have each different taste, smell and shape. Allah has created them all for us. All of them are delicious, and at the same time, have the vitamins and the minerals that are essential for us. There are different fruits for winter and summer, each one meeting our needs. The oranges, tangerines and grapefruits, for instance, that come out in winter have an abundance of vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the strength of our body against the winter's cold. During the summer, juicy fruits such as watermelons, cherries, cantaloupe and peaches come out. In the summer, the weather becomes hot, causing our bodies to lose water, and we are able to replace this water with the help of these fruits.


None of these have happened by accident. The watermelon hasn't decided by itself, all of a sudden, to emerge during the summer. Neither did the tastes and smells of all of these fruits just happen. No fruit could decide its scent. Could an orange, for instance, decide, "let my scent be this", "let my colour be orange", "let me be sweet", "let me shield my pieces with a cover" and "let me divide into slices, so that people can eat me with ease"?

Of course not!

Allah creates fruit for people with such features that are more beneficial for them, so that they will continue to be strong and healthy, and enjoy the fruit they eat. For this reason, when we eat something we like, we must never forget that Allah created it and gave it to us. We must thank Allah for the beautiful things that He has given us and shown us.


6 / total 19
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