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The Falsehood That Fish Changed into Reptiles

Evolutionists say that reptiles evolved from fish. According to them, one day, when food in the sea was scarce, fish decided to look for some on land, and when they were there, they changed into reptiles to be able to survive on land. As you can see, this is an absurd idea, because everybody knows what would happen to fish if they went on land: They would die!

Did you ever go fishing? Just think! What would happen if a fish took the bait and was hooked on your line and you saved its life and brought it home to rest in your backyard? As we have just said, it would die. If you were to fish again, and this time caught many fish and brought them all to lie in your backyard, what would happen? Again, they would all die!

You see, evolutionists do not accept these things. They say that one of the fish in your backyard, while waiting for its death, started to change suddenly, and turned into a reptile and continued to live! Something like this is impossible!


Evolutionists claim that, fish decided to go ashore and changed into land creatures. In reality, fish that go ashore DIE!

It can never be possible because there are a lot of differences between fish and land creatures and all of these changes cannot just happen suddenly by coincidence. Let us list just a few of the things that fish would need to survive on land:

  1. Fish use gills to breathe in water. However, on land they cannot breathe with their gills and so they would die. They would need to have lungs. Let us just suppose that a fish made up its mind to go on land, where would it get a lung from?
  2. Fish do not have a kidney system like ours, but they need one to live on land. Probably they found kidneys lying somewhere when they decided to go on land!
  3. Fish do not have feet. This is why they cannot walk when they reach shore. Just how did the first fish that decided to go on land find feet? As this is impossible, it is obvious that evolutionists are wrong about this as well.

These are just three of the hundreds of things that fish must have had in order to survive on land.


Evolutionists claim that creatures have evolved into each other by going through changes for millions of years. Some of them even say things such as that fish suddenly decided to go on land when they couldn't find enough food. Who knows? Maybe fish did not go on land to find food; maybe they went on land to watch television, just like the fish in the drawing. Isn't it just so illogical?

Furthermore, if fish did change into reptiles, then we should be able to find fossils of the millions of transitional forms between fish and reptiles that ought to exist.

This means that there must have been many creatures with half legs, half lungs and half kidneys, and we ought to have been able to find their fossils today, but no such fossils exist.

As the evolutionists say that the first cat came ashore 10 million years ago.

Its first words were:

I finally
found land!

I was holding
my breath for hundreds
of years.

Meanwhile everyone else was coming ashore.

The first

The first

The first

The first

The first

The claim of evolutionists is so funny and so nonsensical, that it often becomes material for cartoons. As claimed by evolutionists, the ancestors of all living things—cats, snakes, plants, chicken and humans—were sea creatures. Even children would laugh at a person who claims such a thing!

About The Fish Called The Coelacanth

For years, evolutionists described a fish called the Coelacanth as a transitional form that almost made it ashore. In all their books and magazines they show this fish as their proof. They thought that the Coelacanth was extinct and no longer lived. This is why they made up a series of false stories when they examined the fossil of this fish.

coelecanth fosili

Evolutionists claim that the Coelacanth was a type of fish that was getting ready to go ashore. Then one day, a live Coelacanth was caught, and their mistakes were exposed.

Then, a fisherman caught a Coelacanth in his net. More people caught these fish many times. It became obvious that the Coelacanth is a normal fish. Furthermore, it wasn't preparing to come ashore, as evolutionists claim. Evolutionists were saying, "This fish lived in very shallow water, and so it was getting ready to go ashore". In reality, the Coelacanth lived in very deep water. It wasn't a transitional form as evolutionists claim. It was a true fish. Many more of evolutionists' false ideas have been exposed!


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