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Remains of plants, animals and sometimes human beings, preserved in the earth's crust from ancient times, are called fossils. Every living creature that dies does not become a fossil. In order for fossilization to happen, the dead body must be suddenly cut off from the air. For example, they must be covered by earth, mud or some other such thing. This might be caused by the eruption of a volcano during which lava or heavy ash covers the area. It is in this way that the structure of ancient living things has been preserved to the present time. Fossils can be found everywhere in the world and they are the most important source for our knowledge about the creatures that lived since the beginning of life on Earth.

Yes, boys and girls, here is an outline of the stages of fossil formation. The first stage occurs after death when the soft tissues start to decompose, leaving behind only hard components such as bones and teeth. The creature must be buried very quickly to prevent the bones from decomposing. After a long period, the bones are buried under the lower layers of precipitate and start to replace the minerals found in the underground water. This causes the body of the creature to fossilize. With the slow movement of the earth above them, the fossil begins to move from the stratum of rock where it was formed toward the earth's surface. Fossils near the surface either appear by themselves or are discovered by scientists.

Evolutionists try to use fossils to support their own theories. They take a fossil and claim that it is the ancestor of a creature that lives today. They create a scenario and then make up stories about it. For example, if the fossil belongs to a bird, and even though just a few bones are left, they write books about it claiming that this bird has undergone evolution; they organize conferences using this fossil in attempts to prove their own theory. However, with the few bones and bone fragments they have to work with, they cannot possibly give a detailed description of where that bird lived or the color of its feathers. But, boys and girls, without thinking about these facts, evolutionists make up stories and tell people lies. That is until they see a living example of a creature supposed to have undergone the process of evolution………

The fact that the fossil of a creature millions of years old has turned out to be still alive today has disproven all the stories invented by evolutionists. It shows that the creature in question has not evolved. It makes it clear that the claims of evolutionists are false and deceptive.

kelebekler, çiçekler

In no stage of history did primitive creatures with undeveloped organs and without the necessary characteristics  for survival have ever existed. This is an evolutionists’ fiction. Fossils show that all living creatures were fully formed from the first moment of their lives.


2 / total 6
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