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Chapter 2: Living Species Don't Change into Other Species

Boys and girls, when we look at fossils from all over the world, we see that they have not evolved from one another. On the contrary, throughout hundreds of millions of years living species have remained unchanged. Fish have always been fish, birds have always been birds, alligators have always been alligators, butterflies have always been butterflies, violets have always been violets and human beings have always been human beings. Reptiles have not changed into birds, apes have not changed into human beings, no species has changed into another, as claimed by the evolutionists When we study the fossil record we see that there has definitely been no such changes.

If a living creature could continue to exist down to the present-day with all the characteristics it had millions of years ago, this is a strong enough proof to completely disprove Darwin's theory. In fact, creatures alive today that we see around us, show no difference in the way they were hundreds of millions of years ago.

Boys and girls, Allah created every living creature perfectly from nothing. Allah states in His verses as follows:

His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, 'Be!' and it is. Glory be to Him Who has the Dominion of all things in His Hand. To Him you will be returned.
(Surah Ya Sin: 82-83)

Evolution is an imaginary story.

Fossils that have emerged in many parts of the world show that Darwin was wrong. This is because they show no difference between the species living today and their fossils from the past. All these fossils provide important proof that living species have not changed in millions of years and that they underwent no evolution. This has been a great blow to the evolution theory.

köpek yavruları

The cats, dogs, rabbits and flowers that lived thousands of years ago are exactly the same as those alive today. If living things had evolved, cats living today would not look like cats that lived in the past. Since this is not true, living things have not evolved.

Don't forget boys and girls: living creatures have not come down to us with their present physical form by undergoing constant coincidental changes. Our All-Mighty Lord created butterflies, birds, rabbits, squirrels, human beings, daisies, bananas in the same way since Allah first created them. For example a three hundred million-year-old fossil of a tortoise has been discovered. This fossil shows that tortoises have undergone no change by evolution. There is no difference between it and the tortoises living today. There are many such living fossils and they all show that the theory of evolution is made up of nothing more than imagined false tales.

masal, deniz

The sun and the moon both run with precision. (Surat al-Rahman: 5)

Examples from the Fossils That Disprove Darwinism

Living things haven't gone through changes in the course of time as claimed by the theory of evolution. The living fossils are a proof of this fact. When you understand that the fossils of creatures that lived millions of years ago and the creatures alive today are the same, we understand one thing: the theory of evolution is a fiction.

Now let's have a look at the living fossils. They can't wait to show themselves to you!

Masal resimleri

The stars and the trees all bow down in prostration. (Surat al-Rahman: 6)


Hi Boys and girls! My name is Coelacanth! I've waited 400 million years to meet you!. I live in the deep ocean. I am a big fish, about 150 cm long. I have thick scales all over my body. They look like knights' armor. For many years, evolutionists said my species was extinct; they said I was a strange creature, not a real fish; that I used my fins to walk on the bottom of the ocean and that I was half-reptile and half-fish. They used me as an example to deceive people into believing that the evolution theory was true. In this way, they resorted to lies and false documents. They drew a number of false illustrations of my so-called ancestors and wrote up some imaginary scenarios. They even said that, while I was in the ocean, I made the decision to come out on the land, my fins turned into feet and later I became a reptile…. Of course, no such thing happened; the evolutionists are just lying. The also say that my species became extinct 70 million years ago, meaning no living coelacanth left in the world. But, one day, a fisherman caught a coelacanth while fishing in the sea. Because of this, everyone saw that we are not a so-called transitional form we are completely fish and that the evolutionists were telling lies. The story about evolution was thrown into the trashcan.

Here you see my 240 million- years-old- fossil. Evolutionists were saying that I was a transitional form, a fish with lungs and feet. However when a living coelacanth was found, it became clear that the Coelacanth is a fully formed fish and is thus not an example of a transitional form as evolutists had claimed. Below is a Coelacanth living today. They are identical, aren’t they?

Today, my coelacanth friends still live in South Africa, south-western Madagascar, and Indonesia. There is no difference between me and them. I am still the same as I was millions of years ago. I did not change; I didn't turn into a bird or a reptile… I am a fish like all the other fish you know. I swim with my fins and I don't walk as evolutionists claim.

gül bahçesi, prenses kıyafeti

He is Allah – the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat al-Hashr: 24)


Boys and girls, I am a 33 million-year-old rabbit. Just like spiders have always been spiders, bees have always been bees, rays have always been rays and flies have always been flies, we rabbits have always been rabbits. This is what I have come here from all this way in the past to tell you. You will understand as soon as you look at my picture that I am the same as the rabbits you see around you. My fossil proves that rabbits did not evolve from any other living creature, and, like me, my other rabbit friends did not undergo any change. This shows once again how evolutionists are refuted by the fossil record. Our Lord has wondrously created all living creatures.

My 33 million- year-old- fossil.

Flying Fish

Boys and girls, I am a flying fish. I am 95 million years old. Flying fish throw themselves out of the water by moving their tail fins very quickly and then glide through the air for a certain distance before dropping slowly into the water again. This movement is called flying, during which I can go as fast as 50 km. an hour. You will see my picture that flying fish that lived 95 million years ago are no different from the flying fish alive today. Yes, boys and girls, we haven't changed in 95 million years. This too, destroys the claims of evolutionists. Allah created us in the most excellent way. Fossils and all scientific discoveries have proven that living creatures did not go through stages of evolution.

Uçan balık, fosiller

Flying fish that lived 95 million years ago are no different from those alive today.

Guitar Fish

Hi, boys and girls, I'm a guitar fish. I'm 100 million years old. My fossil clearly shows you that we have not changed in all that time and that we never evolved. You can show the Darwinists a picture of my fossil and a picture of one of my friends alive today. Of course, they will not be able to give you an intelligent explanation of this. I, as a guitar fish, am happy to show you that there is no difference between a present-day guitar fish and a 100 million-year-old guitar fish like me. This shows us once again the truth of creation.


And in your creation and all the creatures He has spread about there are Signs for people with certainty. (Surat al-Jathiyya: 4)

All greatness belongs to Him in the heavens and earth He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat al-Jathiyya: 37)


Hi! I'm a catshark. Actually, we are a type of shark but we are a bit different from them. That's why our name is different. I'm 95 million years old. Some of the shark species are very long, up to 4 meters. I'm not as long as they are. I was swimming in the sea 95 million years ago and, in all that time, we haven't changed. There is no difference between me and the catsharks living today. If what the evolutionists say were true, I would not look like a present-day catshark. This means that evolutionists are not telling the truth.

kedi balığı


Hello, boys and girls. I am a stonefly. I would like to tell you my life's story. I have been on this earth for 125 million years. Of course, my father, grandfather and all of my elders are much older. If you're interested in where we live, I will tell you; it is a far-away place: China ...

I have come with some friends to tell you some important facts from far back in history. When you hear my story, I know you will be surprised. But at the same time you will thank me because I will tell you about things you may have had some wrong ideas about.

Uçan balık, fosiller

In this  picture, you see my 125 million- year- old- fossil. It has not changed or evolved which shows that evolution is a lie.

My friends, family and I used to live in China. We have many kinds of friends; we are here with many of them. One day we were covered by mud from a sudden land slide and we were cut off from the air. At that moment we hardened into our present form; that is, we were fossilized. When we looked around we realized that 125 million years had passed...

Maybe you already know, but I will tell you again. It's unlikely for a dead creature to turn into a fossil. In order for a fossil to be formed, after the creature dies, it must be preserved away from the outside effects. As you see, our life story is appropriate for fossilization. Under the mud, we were protected from external effects and this allowed us to become fossils after a while. I am happy I am a fossil because fossils have an important duty: to tell people that Darwin had lied and tell people the truths. So, I am very proud to perform this very important duty.

But first, you should try to imagine how long 125 million years is. To understand how long this is, think of your 80 years old grandfather. He's a lot older than you, and even much older than your mother and father, isn't he? But we're not talking here about 80 years; we're not even talking about 80 thousand years. We are talking about 125 million years. Now, perhaps, you can understand better how long we have been fossils.


Do you not see that Allah sends down water from the sky and then in the morning the earth is covered in green? Allah is All-Subtle, All-Aware. (Surat al-Hajj: 63)

The kingdom of the heavens and earth belongs to Allah. Allah has power over all things. (Surah Al ’Imran: 189)

Everything in the heavens and everything in the earth belongs to Him … (Surat al-Hajj: 64)

Boys and girls, Darwin has told many lies to people. For example, he said that living creatures were at first primitive and evolved from one another after some time. The strange thing is that so many people believed him. Darwin said that insects, fish, cats, tortoises, birds, lions and all the other creatures we know came into being through a slow development. He said that insects, stoneflies like me in our present form, for example, went through several stages before they became stoneflies. If this were true, stoneflies that lived 125 million years ago would have no resemblance to stonefly friends living today. But Darwin was lying because we are exactly like our living friends. You too, can see this just by looking at our pictures.

My friends and I wanted to tell the whole world the truth and to say that Darwin lied. Actually, we are one of the most important proofs that Darwin was wrong. Stoneflies and many other insects like us are living in the world at this moment. There is no difference between us. If Darwin was right, we should not have been living 125 million years ago. But the truth is that we were around 125 million years ago, our fossils still exist and other stoneflies like us are still alive; this tells us that living species did not evolve from one another.

Don't forget one very important thing: we are creatures with highly developed characteristics. Allah created each one of us different from the other. All other creatures in the world were also created in this way. So, we are here as an important proof for the invalidity of evolution. Now you have learned this important truth. From now on, boys and girls, don't let anyone deceive you about this. If someone wants to deceive you, show us to them so that they will be ashamed of themselves and admit their mistakes.

Plant hopper

Hi, boys and girls. I'm a friend of the stonefly. I'm a little plant hopper. A little while ago the stonefly told you about the lives of us fossils. I have come the way I was 125 million years ago to show you that theory of evolution is a deception. You can see that I am no different from plant hoppers living today. That is, millions of years ago we were still the same. We are the same now as we were then. Allah has created every living species without a flaw. Living things have not evolved.

My 125 million- year- old- fossil has come down to present-day without undergoing any change.


Boys and girls: the Earth harbours countless fossils from millions of years ago. The fossils in this book are only a few of the millions of specimens stored in universities and institutes. Each one of them completely disproves evolution.



Mankind! an example has been made, so listen to it carefully. Those whom you call upon besides Allah are not even able to create a single fly, even if they were to join together to do it. And if a fly steals something from them, they cannot get it back. How feeble are both the seeker and the sought! (Surat al-Hajj: 73) 

A bird feather

Boys and girls, I am a bird feather. I've come to you from 12 million years ago. When you look at me, you can see that 12 -million- year- old bird feathers are the same as they are today. Look carefully at my fossil and you will be surprised at the similarity between bird feathers from now and then.

Kuş tüyü

Every fossil that has been found proves that evolution is just a fiction. My 12 million- year- old- fossil disproves evolutionists.

A poplar leaf

You've probably seen a poplar tree and its leaves before. Poplar trees grow almost everywhere. I'm a 50 million-year-old poplar leaf. Researchers found me in America, in a fossil bed in the Green River, Utah, and they were surprised to discover that there was no difference between me and present-day poplar leaves. This is because they were also told the lie that the plants have undergone evolution. When they saw me with their own eyes, they understood that they had been fooled.

Kavak ağacı


Boys and girls: in magazines you often see headings such as these: ’20 Million Year-Old Spider Fossil Found’, ‘35 Million Year-Old Reptile Fossil Discovered.’ Evolutionists want to deceive the public with these articles and to show that they are proof of evolution.  In fact, they are proofs that evolution never happened.  Fossils of these creatures that lived tens of millions of years ago have been discovered that are identical to their counterparts living today. This is clear proof that evolution never happened.

An alder leaf

Here is another plant. I am a fossil of an alder leaf that lived in British Colombia in Canada. I am 50 million years old. There is no difference between me and the present-day alder leaves. So, I and my other fossil friends did not evolve; I am clear proof that Darwin lied to everyone.

Kavak ağacı

If evolution had happened, alder tree leaf fossils would have no resemblance to present-day alder leaves; it would have been necessary to find fossils of some strange half-developed leaves. But none have been found. The existing fossils have shown that the claims of evolution are false.


Here is another plant….I am a plant that lived about 300 million years ago. I lived in the so-called Carboniferous period. I lived in Spain. Now I am a fossil. I am one of the very important proofs against evolution because I am very old. . If such old plants are still alive today, it means that they did not evolve. I am a proof that plants like us did not evolve. I am here to tell the evolutionists, "I did not evolve".

Kavak ağacı

Look at my 300 million- years- old- fossil. It is just like ferns living today. This means that ferns did not evolve.

Horseshoe Crab

Hello boys and girls! My name is horseshoe crab. Be careful not to confuse me with other crabs. I am different from them. I can walk in the sand through my tail which I move like a rudder. And also , my eyes have amazing features.

Atnalı yengeci

My 300 million -years- old- fossil say, ‘I have not evolved’.

I waited 300 million years to meet you and in that time I haven't changed at all. Look at me and a present-day horseshoe crab and you will see that we are as similar as twins. Millions of years ago, I also used to walk in the sand, use my tail as a rudder and easily catch my prey. Look: present-day horseshoe crabs have eyes like mine. The structure of our skeletons and our tails have not changed through millions of years. But according to evolutionists' lie, every creature changes in the course of time and even changes into different species. Of course, this is not true. You can see clearly that the evolutionists have lied, and they still go on saying it.


He created the heavens and the earth with truth and formed you, giving you the best of forms. And He is your final destination. (Surat at-Taghabun: 3)

It is He Who forms you in the womb however He wills. There is no god but Him, the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surah Al ‘Imran: 6)


Boys and girls, you can see oysters like me at the beach in the summer time. I'm an oyster. I am 150 million years old. Just think! I have come all the way from millions of years ago. When you look at me, you can understand right away that oysters, just like all other living creatures have not changed or evolved throughout millions of years.


You must have seen a lot of oyster shells on the beach. My fossil above is 150 million years old. Is there any difference between it and the ones you have seen on the beach?


çiçekler, çocuk


Boys and girls, fossils of living things did not develop from one another through stages. This shows us that they did not evolve. They appeared on earth suddenly which show us that they did not evolve, they are created.


Hi boys and girls, what you will read about me now will show you that the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin is a big lie.


As you can see from my pictures, 128 million- years- old- cockroaches are no different from those living in our day.

Fossils do not always come from petrification. Sometimes resins secreted from trees cover a creature, and it is fossilized as it is. This is called an amber fossil…. like the cockroach in amber in this picture.


I am part of a family of insects that has been living for tens of millions of years. I lived 128 million years ago and now I am a fossil. I have come from that long-ago to expose these lies. I have antennae that are sensitive to every draft of air and the slightest movement; I have excellent wings and a shell that is resistant even to nuclear radiation -just like all other cockroaches all around the world. Next to me you see a picture of a cockroach friend of mine. He's about 50 million years old. He is fossilized in amber but you can see that his wings, hair and the details of all his organs are still intact. There's no difference between me and present-day cockroaches, don't you agree? Evolutionists cannot explain that ...

köpek, çocuk


Boys and girls, in this book you have met many fossils of living creatures millions of years old. They are millions of years old and they all prove to us that evolution did not happen. Darwin and his followers are telling lies. Modern science is much more advanced than it was in Darwin's day. The facts can no longer be hidden as they were in his day. All branches of science have discovered facts that Darwin and his supporters do not like to acknowledge. That fact is the reality of Creation. The number of people that recognize the truth and understand that evolution never happened is growing, while the number of people who believe in the evolutionist's fables is decreasing.


Boys and girls, I am an alligator and I am 100 million years old. I want you to know that there is no difference between me and other alligators living today. Their teeth, skeletons and body structure are no different from mine. But evolutionists say that living creatures have changed with the passage of millions of years and evolved into different creatures. My existence, and the fact that I and present-day alligators are copies of one another shows that evolutionists have told lies, don't you agree? This fact proves that evolution never happened and that living creatures did not evolve from one another. Besides, it shows that Allah has created every creature in its present form. No creature has ever changed, or turned into another. They still have the form they were first created in. This is one of the most wonderful proofs of the wonderful creation of Allah.


I lived 100 million years ago yet I have the same characteristics as alligators living today. We are not primitive as evolutionists claim, and our organs are not  partially developed. All our parts are fully developed as you can see.

A Gingko leaf

I am a Gingko leaf and I lived 50 million years ago. Here you see a picture of mine with a present-day Gingko leaf on top of it. After you see this, evolutionists won't be able to fool you saying the plants evolved. Just as Allah brought me into being with all my characteristics in the past, He is creating Ginkgo's living today with same mastery.

Sycamore Tree Leaf

Sycamore trees are almost everywhere. I am a sycamore tree leaf. I am 50 million years old and there is no difference between me and the leaves of living sycamore trees. You can go and have a look; you will see that we are the same. Millions of years have passed and Allah has created us all the same with all our characteristics. We, leaves have not evolved and I am one of the proofs of that.


Left: My 50 million- year- old- fossil is one of the proofs that evolution never happened.

Right: My fossil, the leaf of a sycamore tree that lived 50 million years ago is identical to a present-day leaf as you can see in the picture of my fossil. This means that evolution is impossible. The fossil record proves that evolution never happened.


Boys and girls, my name is Salamander. Some of us can live many meters below the ground, and even in earth frozen to minus 50 degrees. To warm ourselves, we secrete a special liquid onto our bodies. We have had this amazing ability for millions of years; that is, we did not evolve gradually as evolutionists claim. We are still the same as our Lord created us. You can see my fossil in the picture; scientists found it 125 million years later and this gave me the opportunity to tell you the truth.


The salamander is a creature that proves that evolution never happened. We, salamanders, have been the same for million of years and we proclaim that ‘evolution is a lie’.

Boys and girls, you can see that there is no difference between me and salamanders of the 21st century. We are like twin brothers! How do you think evolutionists explain this? If you like, I will answer this question: of course, they can't explain it, and they think that they can continue their deception by telling you about evolution. But anyone who sees me cannot believe them anymore.

Don't forget this, boys and girls: like other living creatures we did not evolve.


Have you thought about what you cultivate? (Surat al-Waqia: 63)

Is it you who make it germinate or are We the Germinator? (Surat al-Waqia: 64)


Hello boys and girls, I don't think many of you know my name. First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a nautilus. I live in the seas; my body has a diving system just like a submarine's. When I want to dive down deep, I fill the empty chambers in my body with water. In this way I can go very deep. And when I want to come to the surface again, I empty the water out of those chambers. In this way I can easily escape my enemies, and hunt for my prey. Besides, a submarine can dive only to 400 meters, but I can go down to about 4000 meters.


The nautilus is one of the many living beings that has not changed in millions of years and proves that evolution is not true.

I am 114 million years old and you can see that there is no difference between me and a Nautilus living today. They too have diving chambers and a spiral body like a snail shell. They also produce a special bio-chemical gas which they send to the cells through blood circulation and they pump out the water in the cells. 114 million years ago, when I was alive, I, too, had all these features. If what evolutionists say were true, I would have changed constantly throughout millions of years and become a totally different creature. But there's no difference between me and present-day nautilus. This is one of the main things that evolutionists can't explain.

But the explanation is very clear: there is no such thing as evolution. Living species have never changed. They are the same millions of years later as when Allah first created them. We are one of the clearest proofs for this.

Water Bug

Hello boys and girls. You must have seen me somewhere before. When I and others like me became fossils, some of us were hunting, others were chasing our enemies and others were wandering about. There were different reasons why we became fossils. Some of my friends are 100 million years old and they are displayed in museums all over the world. You won't believe it, but I am 125 million years old and I am no different from present-day water bugs. That's why I am a proof for the error of evolution. Just think; I am from 125 million years ago in the past and I am completely the same as water bugs alive today. That's right; I am a clear proof that like other creatures, water bugs did not go through a process of evolution.


This is a picture of my 125 million- years- old- fossil.. Just think: the water bug that lived 125 million years ago is the same as water bugs alive today.  What does this mean? That evolution never happened ...


Hello boys and girls! I am here to tell you some very important things. I can hear sounds that no human beings can hear. For this reason, I do not need eyes to sense what is going on around me. Because of sound waves, I can find my prey which I prefer to hunt at night. But don't think that I am a bat alive right now; I am actually a fossil. Researchers discovered me and took me to their laboratory. They learned that I was about 50 million years old. They discovered that I am that same as present-day bats. So, boys and girls, I am one of the evidences showing that Darwin lied 150 years ago. I say that Darwin told lies. Me and other bats like me were created by Allah and we have not changed since then. I didn't change from some other creature into my present form nor did I take on a different shape throughout the years. I've always been this way and I always will be the way I am now ...


Bats have always been bats; they never underwent a process of evolution. My fossil in the picture is a proof of this.



Boys and girls, fossils of living creatures all proclaim that Allah created every living thing and not one of them underwent a process of evolution.  If evolution was true, a bat tens of millions of years old would have gradually changed into a totally different creature.  But bats living today are just as they were millions of years ago. In this case, it is impossible to speak of evolution.


Hello boys and girls, I have come all the way from Brazil. I'm a very, very old scorpion. I have been waiting millions of years to meet you. Actually, I'm older than you can imagine- 125 million years old. A couple of researchers found me while they were digging over there. They found my fossil as a result of their excavations. They examined every part of me-my skeleton, tail, pincers, my eyes ... they were very detailed. They concluded that I was no different than today's scorpions. If what evolutionists say were true, I should have changed over millions of years into a totally different creature. I should have changed into a creature only vaguely reminiscent of today's scorpions or without any similarity at all. But as you can see, there's not the slightest difference between today's scorpions and me although I lived 125 million years ago. In other words, there is no such thing as evolutionary development. There were some scientists, long-time supporters of the theory of evolution, who thought that all creatures changed in the course of time into different species, and that new types of creatures were formed in this way; but, when they saw me, they started to doubt their theory.

Then they, too, understood quickly that there was never any evolution, that the living things of today came with the forms Allah gave them in the beginning.


My 125 million- years- old- fossil is no different from scorpions alive today.

Apple leaf

Hello! I'm sure you all like apples. And I'm also sure that you have never met an apple tree leaf as old as I am. Guess how old I am? I am 50 million years old… But if you put me next to an apple leaf from your garden, you will not notice any difference. So, you see once again that what the evolutionists say is wrong.

Pine cone

I think you all know what a pine cone is. If you have a pine tree growing in your neighborhood, you have seen these cones on that tree. I am about 20 million years old and as you can plainly see, there is no difference between me and present-day pine cones. That is, that we, like other plants, did not evolve. Look and see how detailed my fossil is.

elma yaprağı, kozalak

Top: Like other living things, pine cones did not evolve either. A proof of this is my 50 million- year- old- fossil in the picture.

Bootom: On the left you see my 50 million-year-old-fossil. On the right you see an apple tree living today. Is there any difference between them? No. This shows that evolution did not happen.


Hi boys and girls! I am a shark fossil. You can find sharks like me in almost all the oceans of the world. By the way, did you know that I am 75 million years old? Evolutionists cannot explain how I have n't changed even a bit over millions of years. According to the theory of evolution, the so-called ancestor of present-day sharks (that's me) must be different from them. This is because evolutionists believe that species are constantly changing and have developed from a so-called primitive form. But this is not true; if it was true, I would be very different from sharks swimming in the sea today.


The shark is one the most dangerous creatures in the sea. My 400 million- year- old- fossil show clearly that sharks did not evolve.

If you compare the picture of my fossil with the picture of present-day sharks, you will see no difference. Every fossil that has been found shows that creatures have not developed from one another in stages; that is to say, they have not gone through stages of evolution, as evolutionists claim. Living creatures have remained the same through millions of years; their appearance is the same today as it was then.

tavşan, kuş, civciv, çocuk

Do they not see the birds suspended in mid-air up in the sky?.. (Surat an-Nahl: 79)

... Nothing holds them there except Allah. There are certainly Signs in that for people who have faith. (Surat an-Nahl: 79)


I was discovered along with many other friends of mine in rocks in the American state of Wyoming. I have come from 50 million years ago, but still I am identical to all my friends living today. All my fossil friends are very well preserved in these rocks. You can see how much I resemble the fish you see around you; this shows clearly that we did not evolve. Look at my friend the sunfish; we are proof that evolutionists have lied to the world. We are no different from present-day fish.

ringa balığı

My 50 million- year- old- fossil shows that evolution is a lie.




Yes, I am a sunfish. I too, have been in the rocks of Wyoming for 50 million years. It is good to meet you because I have been waiting here a long time to announce that Darwin's theory is a lie. Evolutionists pretend not to hear us; no matter how much we contradict them, and no matter how clearly we show them the truth, they still lie saying that 'evolution happened'. They take no notice of us. But you are very smart. You can immediately tell by looking at us that evolution has never happened. The fossils show that a 200 million-year-old fish, or a 100 million-year-old fish, or a 50 million-year-old fish, or a fish living today are totally the same. In all the millions of years that we have lived, we never changed. We are all the same. This is proof of the lies that evolutionists tell. Our All-mighty Lord has created all fish the same.

Güneş balığı

My 50 million-year- old-fossil shows the whole world that evolution is a lie.

Sea Horse

I am a sea horse from Rimini in Italy. I am 3 million years old. You can find other seahorses like me today in many parts of the world. That is, we have not changed since Allah first created us. We never underwent anything like what Darwinists call evolution.

Güneş denizatı

My 3 million-year- old-fossil is a proof of Creation.


The Earth is a wonderful preserver of the millions of fossils hidden beneath it. The fossils gathered from all over the world show us an important fact: every creature is Almighty Allah's work of art.

Willow leaf

Almost everyone knows what a willow tree is. You can see us mostly near the water. I am 50 million years old and I am one of the most important proofs that evolution did not happen.


Like animals, plant has also not evolved.  Every plant you see around you is a work of Almighty Allah, and fossils are the clearest proof of this.

Sumac leaf

Hi boys and girls, I am a sumac leaf. I am sure you know what a sumac is. If you don't, you can ask your mom, she can show you. And you even probably have it in your home right now; I am just like the picture of the sumac leaf used in dishes. I am a 50 million-year-old fossil and I am a proof that evolution did not happen. Evolutionists believe that plants and other living things evolved. But nothing like that ever happened. I am just like other sumac leaves living today. This means that evolutionists are really telling lies.


Sea Bass

I am a sea bass. I have been in this rock for 50 million years. You can go, check a sea bass and see for yourself I am identical to them. We sea basses have come down to the present-day without changing in 50 million years. In all this time, nothing has changed: our scales have not changed into skin, our gills have not changed to a lungs , and our fins have not changed into feet. We were created as fish and so we have continued as fish. My species is found today in the waters of the northern hemisphere-places like Asia, Europe and even New Zealand. Now do you understand that Darwin was trying to deceive you with his lies?


With their structures that have not changed for tens of millions of years, sea basses challenge all the claims of evolutionists.



Hi boys and girls. Have you ever seen a stingray? If not, here is one for you to look at. Yes, I am a 50 million-year-old fossil but I am no different from my other stingray friends alive today. I've spent 50 million years in Green River, Wyoming. If you look carefully you will see that I am very well preserved. Notice the end of my tail; do you see how complex it is? Now I want to introduce you to another ray friend of mind. He is even older than I am and he is a different type. Because of his shape, they call him a guitar fish. Scientists say he is 95 million years old. He too, has all the characteristics of a present-day guitar fish. So, when evolutionists see him, they have nothing to say. Now they are ashamed to hold on to their nonsense theory. Look at this present-day stingray. Surprising, right? There's no difference between them, my friends and me. So you can see that Darwin's claims are false. I am the same as today's stingrays and I have come from 50 million years ago to say so.

Boys and girls, if evolutionists were right, none of the fossils you see in this book would look like any creature alive today. We would have a strange array of fossils with three eyes, its mouth where its ears should be, undeveloped gills and lacking some organs. But all the fossils you see are of creatures fully formed, with all their characteristics intact. This means that evolution did not happen.



Hello boys and girls. Let me introduce myself. I am a shrimp. I don't know if you've ever seen a shrimp before. As you know, I live in the seas. But I'm not alive now; I'm a fossil. I lived between 146 million and 208 million years ago and, like the others, I have some important news for you.

Boys and girls: those who accept Darwin's theory do not believe that present-day shrimps are similar to shrimps that lived millions of years ago. But look at me; I come to you in the form in which I was fossilized millions of years ago. My existence proves that Darwin and his friends are lying. For this reason, no one can deceive you about this because now you have a fossil friend from millions of years ago. You will see my picture and the picture of another shrimp friend of mine. He is 150 million years old. You can look at the pictures of both of us. Be sure to compare these pictures with present-day shrimp. Then you will see with your own eyes that evolution never happened. And you will see the pictures of two more friends of mine. They are fossils just like me. They are both 125 million years old. You can compare them with today's shrimps. You will see for yourselves that there is no difference between them.


All the shrimps that lived 200 million, 150 million and 125 million years ago are the same. This means that evolutionists are wrong when they say that creatures constantly change from stage to stage during their development. Fossils show us that living things have not undergone a process of evolution.


Hello boys and girls. I am a very small fly called a midge. I lived 125 million years ago but now I am a fossil. In the picture you can see my fossil. We are very well preserved. Experts who compare us to present-day midges say they can see no difference between us. You see, boys and girls, Allah hid our fossils for millions of years to show you the truth, and now you know the truth because scientists have discovered us. There is no such thing as evolution. Every creature looks the same now as they did millions of years ago. A horse has always been a horse, a fly has always been a fly, a daisy has always been a daisy, a squirrel has always been a squirrel and a human being has always been a human being.


Midges say that evolution is a hoax. Look carefully at my fossil; is there any difference between me and today’s midges? No. This is one of the most important proofs that there is no such thing as evolution.

Evolutionists with Hold The Facts

Boys and girls: evolution is a false theory that tries to sustain itself by hiding the facts and deceiving people. The world is full of million-year old fossils of creatures that are still alive today. Many of these have been found. These fossils are displayed in the museums and universities of many countries. In these institutions there are millions of fossils of spiders, ants, flies, scorpions, crabs, and frogs both extinct and living. But many of these are not written about in books and periodicals and are not subjects talked about in studies and lectures.

Why is this?

It is this: every fossil that is found is a proof against evolution. For this reason, evolutionists have often chosen to repress these proofs. There has been much dishonesty among evolutionists; the following is some of the most important indications of this.


Charles Doolittle Walcott, director and paleontologist at one of America's leading museums, is one such falsifier. Walcott did research on fossils in Canada's Burgess region. On August 31, 1909, Walcott found a very important proof: he was confronted with proof showing that creatures that lived today appeared all together and suddenly 530 million years ago. That was, fossils of 530 million year-old creatures…..

These fossils would have been a very destructive blow to Darwin's theory. But, instead of offering these fossils to the scientific world, Walcott decided to hide them. That was because he was a dedicated Darwinist. According to the theory, a 530 million year-old fossil should have been 'primitive'. But these fossils did not meet those expectations. Those creatures were no different from today's creatures like crabs, starfish and worms, at all.


All of them were the same as today's perfect creatures. Walcott knew that his discovery would cause problems for the theory of evolution, and decided to keep them under wraps. Instead of releasing them to the world, he put them in a drawer in the museum where he worked. Seventy five years later, researchers were amazed to find these fossils hidden in that drawer. This was because these fossils were proof that evolution never happened and that Allah created every living thing.

Boys and girls: this is the theory of evolution. There are many other falsifiers like Walcott. He is just one example. There are evolutionists who take every opportunity to deceive, mislead the public. However, a theory that hides scientific evidence, and tries to cheat people, is already invalid. Evolutionists also know clearly that scientific proofs show that the so-called 'process of evolution' is nothing but a lie. If all the fossils in the museums were shown to people with the relevant facts, the truth would become evident. But most of the evolutionist scientists would not dare do this because it would destroy their theory of evolution.

çiçekler, çocuk

It is He Who is God in heaven and God on earth. He is the All-Wise, the All-knowig. (Surat az-Zukhruf: 84)

The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. He gives life and causes to die. He has power over all things. (Surat al-Hadid: 2)


Hey boys and girls! Finally, it's my turn to speak up. I almost thought my turn would not come. I am a crab. I am somewhere between 23 and 37 million years old. The most important thing you should remember here is that there is no difference between me and present-day crabs. Crabs did not evolve from another creature as evolutionists claim. Crabs that lived millions of years ago have characteristics identical to crabs that live today. I am the clearest proof of this.

I'm here to tell you something about this. Don't forget; living things have never undergone that process that Darwin and those that came after him called evolution. As you see from the examples in this book, crabs, shrimps and fish that lived millions of years ago are the same as those who are alive today. There is no such thing as a gradual change from primitive to complex creatures.

Yengeç, yusufçuk

Look, present-day crabs are all the same with those that lived in the past. Evolutionists can never explain this.


Hello, I'm the fossil of a dragonfly. 175 million years ago I lived in Bavaria, in Germany. I have some very interesting characteristics. Meanwhile, you should look me up in an encyclopedia You will be very surprised to hear about the characteristics I have. And don't forget that I am a proof against evolution. Because even though I lived 175 million years ago, I have the same characteristics as a dragonfly alive today. This means that dragonflies did not evolve. Just as Allah first created us flawless, so we are today.

çiçekler, çocuk

Have you thought about the water that you drink? (Surat al-Waqia: 68)

Is it you who sent it down from the clouds or are We the Sender? (Surat al-Waqia: 69)


Boys and girls, I am a 50 million year old frog because I became a fossil 50 million years ago. Later, people found my fossil and put it on display in museums like some other fossils. I'm glad about that because the condition of my fossil shows everyone the truth. You see, before they found my friends and me, some people thought that living creatures came to be through evolution. But, when they see us, they understand that millions of years ago there were creatures in the world just like those alive today. If what the theory of evolution says were true, my fossil and millions of fossils just like me should not exist. But even if evolutionists want to ignore us, we exist.


Like other creatures, frogs did not evolve. But evolutionists say that frogs evolved from fish. The oldest known frog is totally different from a fish, and it was created as a frog. Fossilized frogs have the same characteristics as present-day frogs.

Puffer Fish

Boys and Girls, 95 million years ago I lived in what is now Lebanon. Don't you think it's interesting that I've been a fossil all this time? But I'm very glad to have caught up with you in time. That's because you can now see that fish that lived 95 million years ago are the same as fish that are alive today and that evolutionists have tricked you.

As you know, evolutionists claim that the marine invertebrates that appeared hundreds of millions of years ago turned into fish over a period of 10 million years. But there is no transitional form to show that these invertebrates ever evolved into fish.

This means that, if what the evolutionists say were true, there must have been millions of half-fish and half-invertebrates that emerged during the transition from one to another and their fossils should have come down to us. But when we look at all the fossils that are found, we see that even one fossil of such a creature does not exist. There is not one example. But you can always find different species of fish just like me since fish were first created. In short, the fact that I and my friends exist is an important proof against evolution.

balon balığı

We did not come into being by blind chance, and we did not gradually change from one creature to another. Like all other creatures, Allah has created us. The fact that we haven’t changed in 95 million years is proof of this fact.


deniz iğnesi

Boys and girls, I am a pipefish. My appearance reminds people of a needle and this is where I got my name. After many years, researchers discovered my fossil and put me on display. I am happy I can be of some help.

Now, people can see that pipefish did not evolve, and that we have been the same for millions of years. They are learning that we and our present-day friends all have the same characteristics. If you look carefully at the picture, you will see that there is no difference between me and pipefish alive today. We are living fossils and we are one of the most important proofs against the theory of evolution. For this reason, you must learn all about us.

deniz iğnesi


I am a seaneedle and I have always been a fish. I did not evolve into a fish. Look, my fossil says the same thing.


Hello boys and girls, I am a turtle. You have probably seen many turtles before. Maybe you have even played with one. Human beings usually like us. People make jokes about us because we move so slowly. Oh ! I forgot to tell you how old I am.

I am somewhere between 1.8 and 5 million years old. That makes me a very old turtle. You will see the pictures of two of my friends on the back of this page. They are turtles like me. One of my friends is 140 million years old and the other is 120 million years old. The important thing to notice is that there is no difference between us and present-day turtles. So, when you are telling people that the theory of evolution is wrong, you can show us as proof. We are very important proofs ...


All the turtles that have lived throughout history are the same as turtles today.


I am a mayfly. Scientists think I am about 125 million years old. I am exactly the same as mayflies alive today. Look at me...mayflies have come down to the present day just as Allah created them the first time. That is to say that we mayflies, like other creatures, did not undergo evolution.

mayıs sineği

No one who sees that we have remained completely unchanged for 125 million years can say that we evolved.  We are proof of the lie of evolution.


Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a kind of reptile. My most important characteristic is the structure of the outer surface of all my toes which lets them stick to surfaces. Every one of my feet has 2 million tiny 'hairs'.

Because of them, I can easily stick to every surface. It is also interesting that, even if I walk in sand, my feet still work. Boys and girls, when you walk in the sand in the summer sand sticks to your feet, but that doesn't happen to me. Right after I walk on sand, I can also walk on glass.


My 200 million- year- old- fossil is one of the proofs that evolution never happened.

I weigh only about 100 grams, so I am very small. But with my toes, I have a sticking power of 1200 times my own weight. That's the same as a man who weighs eighty kilograms moving a ten ton truck with his fingers!

As you can see, I am a creature with very interesting, and very unique characteristics. I lived millions of years ago and here I am with you today. I am the same as present-day geckos. Here is one more proof that evolution is not true............

çiçekler, çocuk

It is He Who sends down water from the sky. From it you drink and from it come the shrubs among which you graze your herds. (Surat an-Nahl: 10)

And by it He makes crops grow for you and olives and dates and grapes and fruit of every kind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect. (Surat an-Nahl: 11)


Boys and girls, all the fossils in this book are fossils of creatures alive today. This fact shows that Darwin's theory is totally wrong. Almighty Allah creates every living thing with its perfect characteristics, when He wants to and how He wants to.


You probably know what a lobster is. I am a lobster. I am between 144 and 165 million years old. So I am very old. But think about this boys and girls, a lobster that lived so many millions of years ago is the same as lobsters alive today. We didn't evolve. Don't let anyone deceive you about this. You have certain proof in your hands. If anyone tells you that lobsters evolved, just take out my picture and show them. They will be embarrassed and won't defend evolution any more.


Lobsters living today are just the same as they were 140 million years ago.

Brittle Star

Hello, I am a 380 million years old brittle star. If you look at my and my friends' pictures on the next page you will see that we are just the same as present-day starfish and and brittle stars.

That is, starfish and brittle stars, like other creatures, did not evolve. From this we can see that evolutionists have told lies to deceive people. Because there are many fossils like us all over the world.

Boys and girls, it is very wrong for evolutionists to knowingly continue this lie. But now you know the truth, so you will not make this mistake. And also make sure that your friends and family are not misled, either. Tell them what you learned from this book. Don't forget! Allah created all living things separately, no species turned into another, no species evolved.

Yılan yıldızı

Brittle stars that have not changed at all in 380 million years completely destroy the theory of evolution.


Some of you have seen fossils of starfish. I am a starfish. As you have seen in other specimens, there is no difference between a starfish of the 21st century and those that lived millions of years ago. But evolutionists deny this. They say that originally there were no starfish; that they evolved from other creatures. How silly! As you can see, I am a starfish that lived 420 million years ago. I am exactly the same as today's starfish.


In this picture you see my 420 million-year-old-fossil. Just think: I have not changed at all in all those years. This means I have not evolved.

Sea urchin

Hey there! You just met a starfish. I am his friend; I am a Sea urchin. I used to live in the sea but now I am not alive; I am just a fossil. I am somewhere between 144 and 206 million years old. So I am really very old. I and my friends are important proofs that living things did not undergo evolution. I and my sea urchin friends alive today have all the same characteristics that we did so long ago. We are so alike you can't tell the difference. This means that evolutionists, as always, are trying to deceive people! They claim that every living species came from a so-called common ancestor and supposedly evolved from one another. But, the truth is that Allah created all living species separately. Birds butterflies, pandas, cats and all other creatures with their special traits did not evolve.

deniz kestanesi

The sea urchin challenges the theory of evolution and says that evolution did not happen.


My name is Okapi and you can see form my picture that I look a bit like a horse and a bit like a zebra. For many years evolutionists said that I was extinct. They even said that I was a million-year-old fossil which is a stage in the evolution of the horse. But this lie did not last long. In 1901, an okapi friend of mine appeared on the scene. Alive!

You can't imagine how shocked evolutionists were! When they saw that my fossil and living okapi is the same, everyone knew that they had been deceiving the public for years with their false tales. The fact that my okapi friends are still alive proved that evolutionists were lying about the evolution of horses. For millions of years Allah did not change me; my species is still as wonderful as He created us in the beginning.


Evolutionists have deceived the public by saying that I am extinct, and that I am proof of evolution. Then suddenly they found a living okapi. It became clear that I am the same as liviving okapi and I did not evolove.




Evolutionists  arranged some fossils of extinct animals in a series according to their size and then declared that these creatures evolved from one another over a long period of time. This arrangement was displayed for many years in natural history museums as  the evolution of the horse and was  even included in school text books.
But even many evolutionists came to doubt this arrangement and therefore the false stories associated with horse evolution. Finally it became clear that the so-called evolution of the horse was a hoax.

The Okapi found alive,  showed that it was not a so-called primitive horse in one stage of evolution, it was another creature with unique traits of its own kind and that it is created in this form. In short okapi shows once again that the theory of evolution was invalid.


Cherry leaf

Boys and girls, you recognize my fruit, of course. I am a leaf with the same characteristics as a cherry leaf living today. Scientists estimate that I am 50 million years old. You can see that cherry leaves have not evolved; they are still the same, with all their qualities with which Allah created them.

vişne ağacı yaprağı

The cherry juice that many of us like to drink comes from the fruit of the cherry tree. My fossil below is the fossil of a cherry tree leaf and I am 50 million years old.


Boys and girls, evolutionists try to make you believe that, millions of years ago, the Earth was quite a different place, filled with strange creatures. But today, mililions of years later, there are still the same flies flying, the same fish swimming, and the same spiders weaving their webs. It is Allah Who has created them perfectly. Any time He wants, Allah displays the same perfect, creative power.

Birch tree

Hello boys and girls, I am the fossil of a birch tree leaf. They say I am 50 million years old. I lived in Canada with my family, and I came down through the years as a fossil. So now, you can see that there is no difference between a birch tree that lives today and one that lived millions of years ago. We show people that birch trees, like all living things, did not evolve.

huş ağacı

A birch tree that has lived without changing for 50 million years states this important fact: we did not evolve, we were created.


kaplan, tavuskuşu

And Also the things of varying colours He has created for you in the earth. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who pay heed. (Surat an-Nahl:13)

He cast firmly embedded mountains on the earth so it would not move under you, and rivers and pathways so that hopefully you would be guided,.. (Surat an-Nahl: 15)


Boys and girls, in this short book we're showing  you fossils of living things millions of years old. Our aim is to prove to you that evolution never happened on this Earth, and to show you that creatures alive today are just the same as those that lived millions of years ago and that they have been created with all their perfect characteristics. Fossils of living things are the work of Allah, the Creator and Ruler of all things. Allah created these living things millions of years ago and He still protects them.


Hello boys and girls! I am a bear. Researchers discovered my fossil in China. I am 78 million years old. I have many bear friends just like me living all over the world today. I and my other bear friends have the same flawless characteristics. Our species did not change. Not one of us underwent evolution as Darwin claimed; I am the proof of that. If you compare me with present-day bears you will see that what I say is true, and that there is no difference between us.Amber is one substance in which fossils are preserved.

ayı kafatası

My 78 million- year- old- skull.


Boys and girls, bees, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, flies, sandflies ... everyone knows these types of insects and others like them.  You can find these little creatures in gardens, on the streets and even in your  house. They have been the same for 200 million  years.  According to evolutionists, the insects turned into giant birds and other strange creatures. But this never happened and the fossils you see in this book are proof of this.  In the following pages, you will see examples to prove this fact.


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