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Chapter 3: Million-Year Old Creatures Presevered in Amber Show That Evolution is Invalid

Amber is a resin secreted by some trees. It is secreted from a tree and covers an insect, preserving it in that state for millions of years. Fossils preserved in amber, like other fossils that have been found, show us an important fact: living things have not changed in millions of years; that is, they have not undergone evolution.

All the tens of thousands of fossils preserved in amber show that living creatures have maintained the same characteristics since the day they came into being. Termites have always been termites, ants have always been ants, frogs always frogs, snakes always snakes, butterflies always butterflies, moths always moths. There is no difference between those creatures that lived millions of years ago and were preserved in amber and those that are alive today. Evolutionists cannot explain this. It proves that Allah created every living thing and that the theory of evolution is just a lie.

For many years scientists have been working on the description of fossils preserved in amber from various parts of the world, especially the Dominican Republic. And the thing is, these examples are just a very small part of those of innumerable fossils that were found. There are millions of fossils like this.

Dance fly

Hello boys and girls, I am a dance fly. Scientists think that I am 45 million years old. Present-day dance files are just like me. This is because we did not evolve. We living fossils prove that evolution never happened.

dans sineği

There is no difference between my 45 million- year- old- fossil and those alive today.


I'm sure you all know what a caterpillar is. I am a caterpillar. Scientists think I am 25 million years old. Boys and girls, I am so well preserved that after so many millions of years you can still see my hairs. This way, people can see that I am no different from present-day caterpillars and that caterpillars, like other creatures, did not go through an evolution. Evolutionists claim that every living thing changed through evolution, but when they see me they are embarrassed. Caterpillars from millions of years ago are the same as those alive today. This fact shows that evolutionists have lied to the public. Boys and girls, Allah created every species separately and He has given many proofs that living things did not evolve.


My fossil preserved in amber shows that caterpillars have always been the same and that we have not evolved.


Hey there! I'm a grasshopper. My other friends and I have been fossilized; that's good because Darwin and his supporters have come to see that they can't deceive people about grasshoppers. This is because there is no difference in the anatomy of present-day grasshoppers and those that lived 100 million years ago. That means that Darwin is not telling the truth. Living things have not changed in millions of years, which means that they did not evolve.

dans sineği

My well-preserved 100 million- year- old- fossil


kaplan, tavuskuşu

A Sign for them is the dead land which We bring to life and from which We bring forth grain of which they eat. We place in it gardens of dates and grapes, and cause springs to gush out in it. (Surah Ya Sin: 33-34)


Boys and girls, the name hemiptera may seem strange to you. Actually it is not the name of a bug, it is a name that includes many kinds of bugs. Perhaps 100 thousand fossils have been found so far of the bugs that belong to our group. And each of them shows that evolution did not happen. This is because there is no difference between the fossils that have been found and the bugs alive today. So now, evolutionists don't know what to do. They pretend not to see the facts and make up all sorts of lies about us. But now that you've seen us, you can immediately tell when an evolutionist is trying to lie to you.


My 100 million- year- old- fossil, like other amber fossils, shows that evolution is a hoax.


Amber that has come down to us without any change from 100 million years ago is one of the most important proofs of the invalidity of the theory of evolution.


Hi kids! You've met my friends; now it's my turn. I'm a moth. Of course, I am a fossil. I've been waiting for the day we would meet. Finally researchers found me and you have learned the facts about the theory of evolution. My friends and I have come down to the present day without any change and we are one of the most important proofs against evolution! Look carefully at the pictures and you will see this truth.


These moths from 50 million years ago are one of the many proofs of Creation.

Walking stick

When you look at my picture, you will see where I got my name. I look a lot like a walking stick and, when I have to avoid an enemy, I hide in the tree branches and when I do that, just let them try to find me. I have come from 45 million years ago and I want to remind you of a very important fact. We walking sticks did not evolve. I am 45 million years old and, if you put my picture beside a present-day walking stick, you will not see any difference. The fact that there is no difference is proof that evolutionists tell lies.

yürüyen çalı böceği

Do you see any difference between my amber fossil and a living specimen? You cannot see a difference because they have not changed in 45 million years.

Winged ant

Hi! I am a flying ant; maybe you've seen me in your garden before. There are many flying ants around today, but I am not one of them. I am a bit older, actually a lot older, I'm about 25 million years old. One day I was flying around in the Baltic Sea area where I lived, and then I saw something like honey and landed on it. But it was not honey, it was tree resin. Later this resin became amber and I have been inside it ever since. Then researchers discovered me and I have come to you to prove that evolution did not happen.

kanatlı karınca

I am a 25 million- year- old- flying ant, and I say that evolution has never happened.


You must have heard the story of the cricket and the ant. Well, boys and girls, I am that famous cricket. You can find me mostly in the summer. I was caught in amber about 50 million years ago; I became a fossil and have been waiting all these years to meet you. Now you know that crickets did not evolve because you know that there is no such thing as the evolution of living things. Some of your friends may not know this but now you can tell them the truth. You can use my fossil as proof. They can pick up a cricket and compare it with my picture in this book. They will find no difference and they will understand what a silly theory evolution is.

ağustos böceği

My 50 million- year-old-fossil in amber.


Hello! I'm a mantis. They say I'm 25 million years old. Boys and girls, like my other fossil friends, I was preserved in amber. But my life history is somewhat interesting. One day, a bee and a spider started to chase me.

When I was trying to escape them, I got caught in a drop of resin. Then I got stuck in the resin together with the bee and the spider. It's good that we got caught because I can talk to you now. As you can see that my friends and I look very much like our mantis friends living today.


Mantises have always been, and will always be, mantises. My fossil in amber in the picture is the proof of this.




Hello! I'm a mosquito. You can find me everywhere especially in the heat of the summer. When I was living in South America, I got caught in some amber and became a fossil. I am 25 million years old. I am so well preserved in amber that you can see all the details of my wings and my body. I have all the characteristics that my mosquito friends living today have, including my wings, eyes, and my legs. Kids, let me tell you something, although I lived millions of years before you, I am the same as present-day mosquitos. Every mosquito that you have ever seen has the same characteristics that Allah created me with. I am a proof that we have not evolved………


My 25 million-year-old-fossil proves that the theory of evolution is non-scientific.


Boys and girls, I look like a scorpion but I am not. I am different because of my small size and especially because I don't have a scorpion's poisonous stinger. This is why they call me a pseudoscorpion. They say I am 45 million years old. Because I was fossilized in amber, I have been perfectly preserved. So, if you compare me with present-day pseudoscorpions, you will be surprised to find how similar we are.

Now look closely at my picture my friends. Can you see any difference between and present-day pseudoscorpions? Of course you can't. This is because we pseudoscorpions never went through a process of evolution. I am 45 million years old; look at me and today's pseudoscorpions. In all this time, there has been no change in our species. Evolutionists really deceived people, haven't they? But don't worry, from now on no one will deceive you. You have so many proofs in your hands that no one will be able to convince you that evolution happened.

yalancı akrep

45 million years have passed, but we, the false scorpions have never changed, that is, we did not evolve.




kaplan, tavuskuşu

It is He Who created night and day and the sun and moon, each one swimming in a sphere. (Surat al-Anbiya: 33)

Blessed be He Who placed constellations in the sky and put a blazing lamp and shining moon among them. (Surat al-Furqan: 61)


Hi kids! I'm a termite. Look at me carefully. You can find many termite so well preserved in amber with its wings. As you see my wings are still in place. Beside me you see a termite friend of mine. When I say beside me, I don't mean in the same piece of amber. He is in a different piece of amber and became a fossil at a different time. He is 25 million years old. He is perfectly preserved too, with his wings intact.

It is good that I was able to settle down in this amber and come to meet you, right? This lets you see that we termites, like other living things, did not evolve as evolutionists claim; we are in the same state as Allah first created us.


We are the same as termites living today. This similarity shows us one fact; living things did not undergo a process of evolution. Allah created every living thing.

Long Horned Beetle

Boys and girls, I am a 25 million-year-old long horned beetle and I am one of the long bugs. This is because I have very, very long antennae. With them I can sense everything and can be aware of every kind of danger.

Millions of years ago, I decided to wait on a branch of a tree to get something to eat. Amber dripping from a tree branch attracted me with its scent and colour. Then I climbed up the tree. It was like a huge ball of honey. As I ate it, I sticked in resin and stayed there for 25 million years so I could see you. Look, I've come to be with you in your lifetime.

Because I was caught in amber I am able to meet you, boys and girls. I am so happy for that! And I want to tell you something: I have heard that evolutionists say that creatures like me have changed over time and turned into other creatures. You just need to look carefully at me to see that what they say is not true. You can see that there is no difference between me and present-day long horned beetles; that is, there is no such thing as evolution.


My 25 million- year- old-fossil in amber.


Hi kids; I am a firefly. Scientists say I am about 25 million years old. How have I come to see you after such a long time? It's like this: while playing in the forest with a friend I saw something that looked like honey. We were curious and went close to it and all of a sudden I found myself trapped inside it. That's how I came to you. I have been wondering for millions of years when we would meet, and now I have met you in this book. Look, have fireflies evolved? You can answer this for yourselves. Of course we haven't evolved. Fireflies are the same today as we were millions of years ago.



Boys and girls, fossils of living creatures from millions of years ago show us that living things did not evolve, that the theory of evolution has no proof, and that it is a completely invalid theory. Allah created every creature perfectly and completely, just like they are today.


Boys and girls, We take very good care of our young ones, just like your mothers. We always carry them with us to protect them from cold, heat and enemies. We carry our eggs with us until they are old enough to move on their own. This is so they won't get hurt.

One day I was wandering around in the forest with my eggs. I saw a sweet, sticky substance on a tree. I though it would be useful for me and for my babies waiting for me at home. I went near this sweet substance and got in it. I started to eat it and collect it at the same time. But I stayed there too long. Experts think that we have been in in this amber for 45 million years. As you see, despite this length of time, my eggs and I are still the same as we were that day. And we have brought you a message:

Boys and girls, there is no difference between me and other ants that lived 45 million years ago and ants you see today. We are all the same. None of us has changed or evolved into another species. We are all real ants and we are proud of that. It's time for the followers of Darwin and all the evolutionists who believe in his theory to give up and stop ignoring us! The existence of living fossils like us prove that evolutionists are not telling the truth.

dans sineği

Countless numbers of fossils have been found in amber. Every one of these amber fossils are the same as all the others that are alive today. If evolution was true, they would not resemble one another.


Boys and girls, I am a snail. As always, I climbed up to a tree and then started slumbering lazily. How could I know the tree would secrete resin which would quickly become as hard as a rock? So, when I was dozing, the resin flowed over me and I came to this state. This happened 100 million years ago.

Wow, such a long time, right! But as I look around I see that my snail friends have not changed. There are lots of snails wandering around that are just like me. As you see, despite all this time that has passed, snails have stayed the same. We did not turn into other creatures.

Hey Darwin! What do you think about this now? Can your theory give an answer to this? I don't think so, because our existence shows that your theory is just a deception. I am very pleased that I can help people see the truth.


My 100 million-years-old-fossil in amber is identical to a present-day snail shell.


Boys and girls, Allah preserves these creatures in amber as a means to show you some facts. In this way, you will have the information you need to counter the lies of the evolutionists.


kelebek, çocuk

We send forth the pollinating winds and send down water from the sky and give it to you to drink. And it is not you who keep its stores. (Surat al-Hijr: 22)

His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, ‘Be!’ and it is. (Surah Ya Sin: 82)


Boys and girls, I am a lacewing. When you look at me, my wings will remind you of lace. Maybe this is why they call me a lacewing. I have been in this amber for 100 million years and I have been waiting to talk to you. You can see the details of my body, right? Look at a present-day lacewing and decide. It is obvious we are all the same, right? I heard what you just said! You said that 'Evolution never happened; they lied to us, it was a false tale'.

dantel kanat

My 100 million- year- old-fossil

Honey bee


Boys and girls, I am a honey bee. Maybe you have heard what they say about me. I am a hard-working bee; I work without stopping, always helping my friends in the hive, carrying food to them. Again, one day, when I had collected food from a tree and was about to fly back to the hive, a big piece of resin dropped on my head. I didn't know what happened, I couldn't get up and since then I have been living here.

So, boys and girls, I am now 45 million years old. And I am living proof that Darwin and evolutionists have not told the truth. This is because living creatures did not evolve from one another as they say. They did not change....... I and my honey bee friends from 45 million years ago are just like present-day honey bees. So, no one can say that we evolved; if anyone says the opposite, they are not telling the truth.


Bees have always been bees, they did not evolve from any other creature, and have not changed. That is, they have not evolved.

Jumping Spider

Boys and girls, you have probably all seen a spider. If you haven't, it's very easy to see one because we are almost everywhere. Boys and girls, I am a spider from millions of years ago. Scientists think that I am 50 million years old. Of course, I am not alive; I am a fossil.

My age is a very important proof that evolution never happened, that it is a wrong theory intended to deceive people. If a 50 million-year-old spider is the same as a present-day spider, evolution never happened because it is obvious that spiders did not undergo any change.


My fossil shows that Jumping spiders have also never changed.


Boys and girls, you have seen many examples in this book. Every one of them came to you from millions of years ago to introduce themselves, and they have shown you some very interesting facts. Every living species is the same now as they were then. This means that species did not undergo any change as evolutionists claim; evolution never happened. Every species exists today as it was first created. Just look at these fossils in amber. This fossils in amber has a rich variety.


Long- legged fly

Boys and girls, I am a long- legged fly. I have been in this amber for 45 million years. I would like you to do something for me: compare my 45 million years old body to the body of a present-day long- legged fly. Can you see any difference? You can't see a difference, boys and girls. We long- legged flies are the same as Allah fist created us.

We have not undergone any change or evolution as evolutionists want you to believe. Look. Allah created amber so that the evolutionists could not deceive you, and we have been waiting for you for millions of years preserved in this amber. This is a great blessing from Allah so that you can find out the truth, and not be deceived by false information. Because Allah created amber, our fossils have been wonderfully preserved over millions of years. For this we need to thank Allah, boys and girls.

uzun bacaklı sinek

My 45 million-year-old-fossil  says, ‘We did not evolve, we were created.’


çocuk, ördek

Allah is the Creator and ruler of all. Darwinists reject this truth, and so they pretend not to see that the rich variety in the characteristics of living things is a clear indication that they were created. The science of fossils show that creatures never changed into other creatures and they existed with complex and perfec characteristics from the first moment Allah created them all.


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