An Important Statement about A9 TV Broadcasts Calling for Careful Attention

Recently in particular, some people have been making various comments about Mr. Adnan Oktar’s daily talks on A9 TV. The following points regarding these comments need to be well understood:

Mr. Adnan Oktar is a totally honest individual who is devoted to the commandments of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) and he makes no concessions on these matters. With the programs he produces, the books and articles he writes and the web sites and videos prepared on the basis of these, he has shown the proofs of the existence of Almighty Allah to the whole world and has been instrumental in people coming to believe in Allah, to love Allah and to grow in faith. His works and valuable expositions are translated into just about every world language and are accessible FREE OF CHARGE all over the world via the internet. His daily talks in television are watched by an average of 10 million people per day by satellite or via the internet. They are also accessible to foreigners through simultaneous translation into English. The Harun Yahya English-language web site is updated in line with the Turkish version every day, and millions of people from Turkey and overseas are able to enjoy instant access to Mr. Oktar’s valuable works and commentaries. It is an obvious truth that Mr. Oktar has waged an effective worldwide scientific campaign against the Darwinist/Materialist ideology, that he has effectively shown scientific and religious proofs of the existence of Allah to the whole world, and has been instrumental in people coming to faith by addressing all sections of society.

But in these daily broadcasts, Mr. Oktar and his colleagues  have never advised anyone to adopt them as role models. The people to be adopted as role models are the prophets and the companions. Both Mr. Oktar and his colleagues state this quite explicitly in their A9 TV live broadcasts. These broadcasts are completely compatible with the Qur’an and the Sunna of our Prophet (pbuh). What is expected of those people who are determined to criticize, even in the face of this fact, is not to adopt the individual lifestyle there. The logic that says, “I reject that life style so I cannot agree with what is being said” is a most ignorant and dangerous one. That is almost the same as saying, “If he is not a prophet, then one should not read his books or adopt his ideas.” What people need to take away from the live broadcasts in question is the true and effective accounts showing the existence of Allah. The truth of what is said on these talk programs, and how they affect people from all sections of society, is an undeniably evident fact.

Moreover, Mr. Oktar’s television programs and works are instrumental in people from many walks of life adopting Islam and living by the True Religion. University students with no previous knowledge of Islam, atheists, Darwinists, people holding Christian or Judaic beliefs, people with no religious knowledge who had never received any such instruction from their families, people holding communist and Marxist views, in short, people from all sections of society have become sincere Muslims. Because, just like our Prophet (pbuh) in the Market of Ukas, Mr. Oktar acts on the characteristics of love, affection, protection and powerful preaching of the essence of Islam and tells people of the Mighty Faith of our Lord, without judging them on the basis of their clothing, beliefs or lifestyles. In this way, everyone sees that he or she can indeed live by Islam. By Allah’s leave, the number of people who come to Islam and grow in faith thanks to Mr. Oktar will grow even further in the future. Therefore, before judging other Muslims, a sincere Muslim needs to look to his own service for the sake of Allah.

2012-03-12 11:47:13

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